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  1. In that type of terrain, I would definitely be using something to grid. Nice to see these guys beeping though. Nice nugget too
  2. Yep, Its not digital EMI frequencies that actually work Threshold Quiet ,Stable, and not erratic Can detect gold down to one grain in size Punches really deep on large gold Turn on and go....No fussing with settings Build is bullet proof Holds a ground balance longer
  3. Well that old SD 2200V2 could run circles arounds todays latest Pulse Induction..
  4. Great Video Rob ! Personally, I use the Burro Pick ....I see no need for a huge, heavy , Magnet filled pick like the Apex IMO .....
  5. Dude , get a book or publication on Placer deposits for Arizona . Lots of published gold areas in Mohave county .
  6. A solid days efforts Rob. Well done on those pieces of gold. Is that like a whisk broom handle ? Once the monsoons hit, Desert prospecting may be subdued a bit.
  7. Any particle filters on a shop vac must be removed. Filters will clog immediately unless you want to clean it constantly. Around the home filters are great. Vacuuming dirt however, is another story.
  8. Rob, Very pretty pieces ! With bedrock being that shallow, Id say yes, you should check it for fines. Or at least placer it out then beep it with a hot little VLF.
  9. Nice specimen !! Well done ! A one grammer is to small for a pendant, unless it is inlayed with something else.
  10. Hi Rob ! As a nugget hunter myself, why doesent Minelab ever throw in a 8" minelab commander mono coil? They always seems to push a coil that seems to get minimal use. I would find great value in the 8" mono versus a 12 X15 DD