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  1. Maybe I jumped the gun a little , never heard of an SDC 2100 ....It could be priceless 😝
  2. I have some nuggets packaged in 1 " x 1/4" round containers. The nuggets weigh between .19 and .20 of a gram. 20.00 each, shipped to the continental US These are great VLF test nuggets. Some PI machines should hear them too. PM me for PayPal payment instructions.
  3. Great Pictures ! You have all the finest equipment for finding gold, but you`l need to learn how to use those products. Best of luck out there !
  4. The Value of a used SD2100 with stock accessories is 248.00 USD
  5. I`m confused Gari, What are you posting and what does it mean? Is this your next target location ? Are you only going to be there for 2 hours? Please explain your post
  6. Well, thats great ! You have many months ahead to decide if you like the hobby or not ! Your picture is right in the middle of gold country 😎
  7. In that type of terrain, I would definitely be using something to grid. Nice to see these guys beeping though. Nice nugget too
  8. Yep, Its not digital EMI frequencies that actually work Threshold Quiet ,Stable, and not erratic Can detect gold down to one grain in size Punches really deep on large gold Turn on and go....No fussing with settings Build is bullet proof Holds a ground balance longer
  9. Well that old SD 2200V2 could run circles arounds todays latest Pulse Induction..
  10. Great Video Rob ! Personally, I use the Burro Pick ....I see no need for a huge, heavy , Magnet filled pick like the Apex IMO .....
  11. Dude , get a book or publication on Placer deposits for Arizona . Lots of published gold areas in Mohave county .