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  1. Hey Slim , This is not the place for your political BS
  2. Whoa !! What a great piece !! Thanks for sharing
  3. WOWZA !!! Thats a whopper !! Now everyone is going to sell their GPZ`s and get 5000`s 😁😍
  4. Hi Rob, Thank you for the plug, I really appreciate that .. Best wishes to you and your family during the holidays !
  5. Ok, thats it ! I`m going detecting this weekend !! Thanks for sharing such a fantastic cache !!
  6. I love interesting places ! Please, is this a service you provide ? Will I find gold nuggets if I follow your advise?
  7. Maybe I jumped the gun a little , never heard of an SDC 2100 ....It could be priceless 😝
  8. I have some nuggets packaged in 1 " x 1/4" round containers. The nuggets weigh between .19 and .20 of a gram. 20.00 each, shipped to the continental US These are great VLF test nuggets. Some PI machines should hear them too. PM me for PayPal payment instructions.
  9. Great Pictures ! You have all the finest equipment for finding gold, but you`l need to learn how to use those products. Best of luck out there !
  10. The Value of a used SD2100 with stock accessories is 248.00 USD
  11. I`m confused Gari, What are you posting and what does it mean? Is this your next target location ? Are you only going to be there for 2 hours? Please explain your post
  12. Well, thats great ! You have many months ahead to decide if you like the hobby or not ! Your picture is right in the middle of gold country 😎