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  1. South of Prescott in the caldrun of chaos. It's not so much the detector but habits of the operator that make the magic.
  2. May I buy 10 from them today and resell them in a few days for a 50$ profit back to Minelab?
  3. Impressive advice Dennis! You should definitely listen to his advice as he has been finding good gold with a detector for many years. In my opinion in you want success you need to do what successful detectorist do. Do what has been proven to work and do not over think and try to re invent the wheel.. Find a mentor who has what you're looking for.. or buy multiple lessens from a real expert ( an expert has found many thousands of nuggets not just a couple over the years) good luck
  4. It's definitely still out there Rob.. There's so much detectable gold still out there to be found. Boots on the ground and persistence always pays off.
  5. I was able to get out to a old patch over the weekend. The problem is it's so dangerously hot during the day. I made it out there close to dark and the humidity was really high but the heat of the day had subsided. Once dark had rolled around the bugs were in full swing as well as a extremely active thunder storm just a few miles away... Dispite those night challenges I was able to find 7 small nuggets and a few fines while bugs dive bombed my eyes.. First thing in the morning I headed back out to the patch before the excessive heat set in.. As soon as the sun came out I was drenched in sweat.. Literally my shirt was completely wet.. I drank over a gallon of water over a 3 HR period and lost it all to sweat. I was raking rocks and trimming bushes. Dispite these challenges I still found 5 more small ones by 10am . I do not recommend heading out this time of year unless you have experience in doing so.
  6. Thanks for all your help on this stuff? You are very appreciated.