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  1. For Sale: 1 Gold Bug II with the 6" and 10" coils. This unit has about 30 hrs use, bought new 2 years ago, its been gathering dust for the past year. $450.00 for a quick sale. I need to thin my collection of detectors and think about the GPZ.
  2. I was in Boulder at the same time. We may have responded to some of the same calls. Remember the old plectron tone alert? Hot calls with ambulance or fire were always alerted by tone. Made my poor rookie heart skip a beat every time. One of my rookie class mates was Mark Beckner who went on to become chief during the Jon Benet fiasco. I left after one year to return to AZ and ultimately to the Feds.
  3. Actually, I live in Nevada. I have a magnificent little Kahr Arms hideaway 9mm, but its just one more thing for me to carry and keep track of in the field. I was already carrying about 60 lbs. I carried a gun for 27 yrs in law enforcement and haven't really missed it. But, as my old training officer used to say, "if you ever need it and don't have it, you won't be needing it again". I thought about it again today when I was hiking out. I saw that a bear had walked over my tracks from yesterday. A 9mm would probably just make him mad, but one in the eye hole might slow him down.
  4. Your shovel looks a lot like my old Colt Python. That was my weapon of choice during my few years as a uniformed cop in Boulder, Colorado. Had the action worked and it was a smooth as silk. We got paid a $25.00 monthly premium if we could qualify distinguished expert. That Python made it easy. Them was the good old days.
  5. I took a long overnight hike yesterday with the intention to explore some old diggings. The diggings were about 60 ft up from the current river channel in California gold country. I found a suitable gully to make the ascent, but as I was scouting the lie, I saw movement about halfway up the gully. As I watched, a 2 1/2 ft rattler came slithering down my way. Now normally I leave the creatures be, but I was not sure that I could trust this rascal not lay up under a rock or bush and surprise me at some inopportune moment. The gully was too narrow and too steep for me to evade him if we were
  6. I'm still using the 4000. Every time I think about upgrading to the 4500, I start thinking the 5000 might be right around the corner. I've found a lot of gold with the 4000 and have developed some special settings that suit me. This summer at Moore Creek I experimented with the Sensitive Smooth settings and the results were eye popping. Minelab readily admits that the Sensitive Smooth will lose depth, but sometimes the quieter running machine is the goal, not depth. So, one afternoon at Moore Creek, I got a very faint threshold warble in the Normal/Deep mode with maxed out gain. I switc
  7. I'm looking at a property outside of Reno and there is a Sperry filter press left abandoned on it. The plates are still banded and on a pallet. There are sacks of soil samples stored on pallets nearby. A renter thinks the owners intended to run the soil for gold and silver, but never got set up and left the whole mess behind. Can anyone tell me how a filter press is used for gold recovery?
  8. Opal prospecting was a bust. We found a few small pieces of common opal and some decent crystallized wood, but no black fire opal. My son and I did a lot of digging in the virgin bank, just no joy. The claim owner was impressed with the Nuggethunting Hodan Pick. I have the big 36" model and it really moved through that damp clay. We talked to a semi-professional opal hunter who had found a 7 lb black fire opal this year. He is a young guy who came out from Vegas for a weekend of opal hunting, and never went back home. He's going on 3 years out there working on a 50/50 split with the cla
  9. My kids are here in sunny Reno, so we are going to give the Virgin Valley opal diggins a go. We've got our little RV ready to go, might be tight with 4 of us in a 24' class C. I know Reno Chris had some info on his website about the opals, anyone else got any pointers? Talked to the guy at Opal Queen yesterday, $100.00 a head for all day cut bank digging. He says they found a few pockets last fall, but no serious diggers have been at it yet this year. The other virgin ground bank digging is $180.00 a head. Better find a bucket full of those black opals at that price.
  10. The smaller nuggets have a lot of very fine crystalline gold and it falls off real easy. The quartz matrix is the only thing supporting it, then it gets dissolved leaving the gold structures to get banged around and broken off. Ken P had his gold from last year dipped and he ended up with a lot of fines. It seems to be a good idea for the bigger nuggets, especially if they have a lot of that butt ugly muddy quartz.
  11. I overcame my hesitation on the HF acid and bought a 500ml bottle from a supplier in the bay area. Shipping cost more than the acid, about $90.00 total cost. I gave the Moore Creek gold a short acid bath about 4 hours total. It really whitened the quartz matrix and dissolved a bunch of it. I wore long gauntlet rubber gloves and used a small wooden dowel to turn them around in the bath. The 7.5 oz nugget is down to 6.8 now. You can see more of the sandwich type gold now in the smaller nuggets. I was still holding about 10 oz of Moore Creek gold from last year and gave it a short bath too
  12. Wish you guys were there, that was some tough competition when all you AZ boys descended on that place. The little 450 dozer really can't keep up with 14 guys at one time. It was fine for only 3 of us. The big D9 is still sitting idle. I'm a little too cautious in my old age to play with the HF. Hopefully El Dorado can come up something, I'm about 80 miles away.
  13. Steve, Let's talk on Monday. I don't really care to keep the piece, just sell it for whatever I can get. Ken and I are talking Australia next year. Stephen
  14. Yes, the dozer was fine and we had some pretty good ground pre-dozed before we got there. I understand you had a slow start, then pulled it out at the end. We had only 3 detectorists, so big advantage for detector cross-talk. I don't know if anyone here in Reno has the HF acid to do the job like Ken's. Maybe El Dorado has some.
  15. My annual trip to Moore Creek was another success. I arrived at Moore Creek on my birthday, June 17 (56 years young) and was met at the airstrip by Ken P. You all remember Ken P from last year and his big 32 oz nugget, also found on my birthday by the way. After settling in, Ken took me up near the main camp and pointed out the areas that had been freshly pushed. He gave me my choice of locations to start. I knew that he was partial to the area right behind the main camp where he found the monster from last year, so I said he could have that spot and I would take the small island across t