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  1. Happy Birthday! my friend hope you have a great day with lots of friends, family and of course some good hunting... ; )

  2. I watched three of his shows in Vietnam, I like the one when raquel Welch came over, I had a front seat on that one. Grubstake
  3. And A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! To you and ROB Too!Grubstake
  4. I have been married six times, but Dorthy I have been married to her for 19 years now. She has stuck with me through thick and mostly thin. She is the love of my life. And I can truely say that. Gary
  5. No Gary, the insulin pump won't work for Dorthy, she takes Lantis and humalog 75/40 two diffent insulins, and self in-jects, some time she has to fill the needle twice, to get enough insulin. 4 times a day she has to do this. Not fun for sure. Me I'm eatting nitro like candy, trying to get past her surgery, I really need to be in the hospital, but She comes first. Gary The answer to the age old question! What comes first the Chicken or the EGG! Is the Wife doe's! Ha! Ha! Gary
  6. Yeh, you bet Gary. She has Glacoma, and her sugar levels go as high as 650 sometimes, and she has lung problems too on top of that, DRS. said she is taking enoght insulin for 5 people, she is on two kinds, and a floating doe's, Most people would be in a coma at 400, but she is insulin resistant, they really don't know what to do , just playing it by ear. Gary
  7. Well I used to just detect the beaches and parks, found my shre of Gold rings and Diamonds, lots of old coins, even a 1811 french 20 franc coin, it said Napolian Emporer, I dredged on the american and the Merced rivers, got pounds of gold, started detecting for gold back in the early 80s, with an old Garrett Ground hog, and moved up to a Tesoro Eldorado, My brothers an I had claims on Moccosin Creek, north of here we worked by hand and with a dredge, I think the new PI just opened the gold fields up, lots of gold still to be had in the right places. I'll post more later. I have lots of stori
  8. Steve, You know when your in pain all the time, it gets old, I'm ready, got my ducks in a row. Who knows how much time I have left, but I'm spending most of my free time in bed, taking lots of nitro, Gota chemical stress test on the 8th of DEC. wife has surgery on the 7th. Its just hell when you can't do things you love to do. time will tell. Thanks Gary
  9. Yes, I would love to move to AZ. but Dorthy is seated in her church too much to move, and I know that if I don't last long, she will have a way to get around, she doe's not drive, and can't get a LIC. because of her diabete's and glacoma, besides, I'd have to sell everything I got, I'm not able to move it. Got the Va hospital only two hours away, and most of my family too. I guess I'm stuck here. Besides I want to be buried in the new National cemetary they opened at FT. Ord, in Monterey. Thats where I grew up most of my years. Grubstake
  10. Its a shame we really don't have anyone good to pick from, I'm thinking the republican party has lost its best chance to have a great person run. I don't know who will get the nomination, but they have too do a much better job than Obama, or we are in deep doggie doo! Grubstake
  11. Thanks Guys, its hell not to beable to do what you love to do. I can still get out, but I'm limited to just an hour or two, and my wife says, no going by myself. I tend to pass out, when getting up or down. low blood flow so the doc's say. Besides, I just plain don't feel like going. Been detecting since I got out of the Army in 73, and I had a great run, But my body says slow down. Grubstake
  12. Just wanted to let everyone know, I'm not on here much anymore, Wifes sick, I'm really sick, and we have DR. apointments almost every other day for one of us. Haven't been detecting, too sick to swing. I'm afraid my detecting days are almost gone for good, My heart just won't let me do what I want to do. When not at the DRS. most of my free time is spent in bed. So I'll be here from time to time. But not like I was before. Grubstake
  13. Hey DOC! If OBAMA lose's the election! I wonder if he will blame it on BUSH? Every other thing is BUSH'S fault he doe's. Grubstake NOW HERMAN CAIN! He might blame his loss on Bush! But not President BUSH! Ha! Ha! A different kind.
  14. Yeh, ROB some of us from the forum, posted in the comment section on the interview. Good going. Grubstake