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  1. no this coil was called a wallaby I got it in 2003. I am wondering if the new coils get more depth?
  2. I live in alaska and have found a lot of gold but now my patches have been not producing. I used a coiltec 11x17 I was just wondering if their is a newer better coil I could use that has more depth ?
  3. Hi rick Nice nugget but if you can still dig in the ground it's not really chilly. Here in Fairbanks today's temps -35 and dropping. Sometimes I wonder why the hell I live here, then summer comes and I don't have time to remember to move and I am here for another winter. Still would like to have you up this summer even if I don't make it out this year. good luck on your next trip and save one for me.
  4. finaly got a hold of the seller and it sold 30 min. earlier. so i am bummed.
  5. rob Thanks that info helps alot wish me luck
  6. Rob and others I found a 4500 for sale in ak for sale for $3500 how can i use the serial number to veify it is a 4500? any other ideas? thanks
  7. I couldn't agree with you more, how some of got to grow up and I think it was a privilege the way I got to grow up and the things you see now days. I so can relate to the last two stories I will tell you couple and I still wonder how I made it through them and came out alive and not missing some appendages or parts. I grew up in a small ranching town in northern New Mexico 300 was the population on a good night. I was out in the Zuni mountains one day and found an old line shack and barn the shack was lock up but the barn wasn't so being a snoopy 13 year old I went in to see what was inside and low and behold I found a stash of 200 blasting caps and a roll of fuse, it was close to the 4th of July and I just found this year's fireworks and the added bonus was it didn't cost me anything. This kid just cut a fat hog in the ass so off the mountain I went cutting a piece of fuse 3 inches long and stuffing it in a cap and blowing the hell out of things. I had a box of caps in each back pocket as I went merrily on my way stopping now and then to blow the hell out of something .When I got back to town and my friends saw what I had they all wanted them so I started to sell them for 50 cents each. We blew up anything that move and all the time the people of the town thought we were playing with fire crackers. After all 200 caps were gone and not one finger missing or near miss I looking back it was just a miracle that that many caps got blown up in two weeks and we all came out un scathed. But it was one 4th of July I will never forget.
  8. Adam question ? why wouldn't a detector pick up galena it is just a lead ore could be that is it a pure galena I am not a geologist but that doesn't make scene to me that a detector wouldn't pick it up lead.
  9. Steve Not mention it is usually frozen 5 months out of the year,but still lots of opportunity.
  10. It weight's is almost 13 oz I dont know where the lid came from. just woner how many more are in tailing piles around the state.
  11. Here is the story behind the nugget as it was told to me. A guy was mining up north of Fairbanks AK and was feeding his wash plant with a excavator when he heard something heavy hit the floor in his wash plant and he stopped. He thought he lost a tooth off the bucket. So he climbed into the wash plant and found this nugget. The plant has a one inch plate so everything over one inch goes to the tailings pile. Just so happens he heard this one or he would have been out a lot of gold. He had a larger punch plate so he replaced it and reran his tailings and came up with a lot more of this kind of gold.
  12. I have never used cancel, I tend to be a creature of habit, so what does it do on hot bed rock? my gold patch is 120 miles from Fairbanks so it's not easy to go out and test settings on location. Thanks for your input.
  13. Rob yes and it still sounds like a nugget every square foot. does the new advantage coils help with this ?
  14. Here is the first batch of gold found at my new patch with a GP3000 Rob it is alaska by the way. maybe you can answer a question. About 200 yards away from this patch there is another but the bedrock is so hot I cannot tune it out using a DD coil any suggestions? I did manage to find a 1/2 oz. nugget at the edge of the hot bedrock area so I know there is more there.
  15. found this patch 3 weeks ago and took out 3/4 oz. the first time. went back monday and moved the rocks changed to a small coil and found 32 more