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  1. Me! I'm the automated assembly line. Only 1700 more to assemble. I can't keep up with orders. Your dealers should have more this week if you have been waiting. I have not seen any field reports from people who have purchased the Swing Assist Guide Arm. I would love to hear some news. Thanks gang! Doc
  2. I did a little experiment to see how effective the Gold SPOT™ Treasure Scoop Portable Gold Pan is for dry panning. This scoop was developed not only to be a more effective nugget recovery tool when using your metal detector but also as an effective tool when crevassing and sampling. This is useful when you are looking for deposits of small nuggets and flakes of gold in cracks in bedrock. So for this experiment, I mixed 1 gram of 14 mesh gold, that would be about 30 or so tiny nuggets and a half of a gram of 18 mesh gold which would be around 40- 45 little flakes total 1.5 grams with dirt and black sand. I mixed it up and put the Gold SPOT™ Scoop to work to see how effectively it could recover these tiny pieces of gold. What's your guess? How much of the 1.5 grams do you think the Gold SPOT™ was able to recover by only dry panning with no water? Get in touch with Rob he just got another load of them in.
  3. Well tell the CDC that KN95 and N95 masks are bullshit. KN95 are N95 are recommended by the CDC, and they even say you can use them for extended use as long as they are usable and you have not soiled the outside with blood or sputum. The key is not to touch the outside of the mask and transfer cooties to the inside. These masks meet FDA specs. Cloth masks do not. These masks are approved for medical use. Cloth masks are not. The CDC also recommends, which is what my sons, who are dentists also recommend, is to use your cloth mask or a cheap mask over the KN95 mask to keep the outside of the KN95 mask from being contaminated using the cloth mask to act as a barrier. "CDC Recommended Guidance for Extended Use and Limited Reuse of N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirators in Healthcare Settings" "While contact transmission caused by touching a contaminated respirator has been identified as the primary hazard of extended use and reuse of respirators, other concerns have been assessed, such as a reduction in the respirator’s ability to protect the wearer caused by rough handling or excessive reuse.(19, 20) Extended use can cause additional discomfort to wearers from wearing the respirator longer than usual.(14, 15) However, this practice should be tolerable and should not be a health risk to medically cleared respirator users." So all of this is talking about use in a healthcare environment and even the CDC recognizes that these are not one-time use masks. If you are in a store and practicing social distancing, and there is no one obviously coughing or sneezing around you, there is no reason you can not reuse this or any mask safely, just don't turn it inside out. CDC studies cited by the CDC speculate that the reason there is no strong evidence that touching the outside of the mask does not generally contribute to spread of contaminates is because the contaminates are captured inside the outside layer of the mask as you inhale. They cited a study which said that on the average doctors and nurses touch their masks and then their faces on the average of 25 times and yet there seems to be no correlation between this behavior and an increase in illness among medical staff. Now regardless. with all that being said, I have no idea when this study was conducted and whether they had ever dealt with a virus as easily transmitted as CO-VID19. So as with all things, take it with a grain of salt. I can tell you from personal experience that these masks work better than anything else I have used. I melt plastic in the warehouse and I can not smell it, nor can I smell fiberglass rods that I have to grind. Not so with other masks. I would never use a cloth mask for doing these things. Although the CDC has said that even cloth masks can be beneficial in preventing breathing in droplets of other people's exhaled breath. I think if we all just use some kind of nose and mouth covering we will be well protected from each other. That way we have two barriers. The mask we are wearing and the mask someone else is wearing. However, what good is a mask when people are wearing the damn things below their nose? That drives me crazy. So nothing is perfect. But I think common sense goes a long way. Do what you feel comfortable doing. I think any face covering is better than no face covering. It's all moot now, all the masks are all gone. Doc
  4. Hey gang, I bought 500 KN95 masks made to FDA specifications. Actually my two sons, who are dentists took some of them, that's why we were able to get the good medical grade ones. These are sterile and each masks is individually packaged so they stay clean until you need them. Not looking to make money off of them I will sell them for what they cost me. 10 for $20 plus $4 shipping. I didn't need 500 masks but that was the minimum we could buy. What a joke! A mask that cost us $1.60 with shipping Custom's whacked me 40 cents per mask in import duty. Even the government is out to make money off of this pandemic. At least you know these are good masks and they are here in the U.S. at my warehouse ready to be shipped today. Supposedly masks are going to start getting hard to get again because of the uptick in Virus cases. VP Pence yesterday said that hospital workers needed to start trying to use personal protection equipment as much as possible to avoid shortages. Hell, you don't know what to believe. I have seen this exact mask selling for just 5 for $21.95. and it's not a sterile mask. These are good mask. I have been wearing it to melt plastic and also when I cut fiberglass rods and it is very effective. You can order them on my website: Doc
  5. Just because of you Grubstake I bought a wireless remote microphone. So no matter how far I am away from the camera my voice should be loud and clear. I am going to have to re-do this video, as soon as it's not 213 degrees out. Doc
  6. Rob did you mean a tad THICKER? Rather than thinner? My G-Spot scoop weighs more than the typical scoop. Doc
  7. Rob mistyped the url, here is the proper one. Doc
  8. This is a demonstration of the Gold SPOT™ being used as a portable gold pan. It's extremely effective. Don't worry about the first few minutes where I am out of frame. Leo Aranza, my buddy, takes over and the rest of the video is well framed. -Doc
  9. Some posters on other forums rightly questioned whether the Gold SPOT™ Treasure Scoop was really any better than a regular treasure scoop. Well I already knew the answer to that question. You see for a year I have been working on the Gold SPOT™ design. I played with it I re-designed it, I proto-typed it 5 times. I wanted a design that would speed up nugget recovery and make it easier to keep the nugget in the scoop and not lose it. Remember, I'm the guy who had a catastrophic failure with the SAGA swing arm, and within days of release I recalled them all from the field. They just did not perform as they were supposed to. I went back to the drawing board and sunk thousands more dollars into re-designing and perfecting the SAGA™. I won't sell something unless I know it is a significant improvement over anything on the market. But just to show you what I already know, I decided to do a little impromptu video, an experiment. The video is unedited, except for the very end where I panned across an invoice with a customer's address on it that was sitting on the shipping table, I clipped that out. Watch the Gold SPOT™ in action and see what you think. Not to over-hype the Gold SPOT™ but one of the unique features of this scoop is that you can "HEAR" the gold. I know that sounds like an outrageous claim, but let me explain. When you get down to a small amount of dirt in a regular scoop along with a nugget and you agitate the scoop back and forth, the nugget does nothing but slide back and forth on the smooth bottom of the scoop. When you get down to a small amount of dirt in the Gold SPOT™ along with the nugget and you agitate the scoop the nugget rattles back and forth in the trough or channel clicking against the sides of the channel. Cool, right? I know we are getting quite a few Gold SPOTs™ out in the field and I would like to hear some feedback. Although if you are like me you are probably staying in out of the heat. -Doc
  10. I know the volume was low. I may have to re-record it with some kind of a microphone. I just video'd it on my phone. Doc
  11. Turn your hearing aids up. I had mine turned up, I think that was the problem when I was recording it it sounded like I was screaming to me. 😀
  12. If you think the SAGA™ is just a Swing Arm, it's not. It's a steering wheel for your detector. Start at the 3-minute mark on the video, and watch what the unique design of the SAGA can make your detector do. If you know of any device on the market that gives you this kind of control please let me know, because I know of nothing that even comes close. If what you see intrigues you then watch the entire video. You're going to find that the SAGA will make detecting much easier and less stressful on your body and give you control over your detector you have never had before. Call Rob, he has them in stock. - Doc
  13. I'm not going to bore you with the details of the first attempt. Valuable exercise because the New SAGA™ really is exceptional, if I don't say so myself. If you currently use a Swing Arm, you will throw it away when you use this one. • No more breakage at the pivot point where Swing Arms attach to the detector. The SAGA™ is designed with a pivot point that allows for the typical movement that allows you to swing the arm out and away from the detector, but it also is designed with a rotating Pivot Joint that allows for up and down movement of the arm. This eliminates breakage, but it also gives you better control over the coil on your detector. (Watch the 2nd video start at 6:30 minutes) • No more wishing there was a Swing Arm that would fit your detector with it's weird shaped rod (SDC2300). Nothing could be more weird than the upper part of a GPZ7000, yet look at the picture to see how well it fits even that weird shape. The unique design of the attachment base, allows you to easily attach it to regular round rods, or irregular shaped large rods, depending on how you thread the UV resistant rubber straps. • No more trying to store the arm, if you need your hand to do something else. The SAGA™ has a proper storage clip. • Feel like detecting without the Swing Arm for a while? No worries! Push a button remove the rod and handle from your detector and stow it away until you decide to use it again. • You're a tall person and you like the rod long, or you're a short person and like the rod short? Got you covered. You can easily trim the rod to the perfect length then glue the handle on with the included 1 ounce tube of silicone sealant. If you have never used a Swing Arm, well, you are spending a lot of energy swinging one handed and you are unnecessarily stressing one side of your body, your arm, neck, and shoulders. When you take a walk, do you use both legs or do you hop on one? If you are hopping around all day, that one leg is getting mighty tired. That's why using your muscles bi-laterally helps fight fatigue and strain. Not only that, but you will never have so much control over your detector. You will execute perfectly level controlled swings effortlessly, when you are using both hands. Watch the videos to better understand the unique design of the Swing Assist Guide Arm. It's the last Swing Arm you will ever need, or want! Retail $74.94 Discounted Introductory price $59.95 plus s&h Watch the videos below. On the second video go to around 6:30 minutes mark to see the kind of control the SAGA™ gives you over your detector. Call Rob today! Doc
  14. The new Gold SPOT™ Treasure Scoop portable gold pan. This unique tool is designed to increase your recovery speed of detected nuggets. The recessed bowl of the scoop channels heavy gold into the bottom of the scoop (the Gold SPOT) when you give the scoop a little shake and agitation. When you start dumping dirt into your hand to isolate the nugget, the trough of the recessed bowl channels any gold up towards the riffles. The riffles hold the nugget as the lighter material spills over the tops of the riffles into your hand. Ever cleaned out a crack in bedrock and the material in your scoop is setting off your detector but you're having a difficult time locating that little speck of gold? Add a little water to the material and you have the fastest most convenient portable gold sniping pan ever. I was prompted to redesign the standard conventional scoop that has been around for over 30 years because with the popularity of the Minelab Gold Monster 1000, smaller gold is really hard to isolate with a standard scoop. Included with every Gold SPOT™ is a plastic lanyard and EZ on/off security clip. How many scoops have you lost? Well not this one. The security clip is designed to allow you to always keep your scoop "at the ready" and be able to remove it and replace it in seconds using only one hand. See the video. The G SPOT comes in Green and we have a limited number of Yellow. I'm pretty sure you are going to love the unique features of some of the innovations I have incorporated into this scoop. Looking forward to your comments. The G Spot Scoop: Retail Price $17, discounted price, $14.95 or 2 for $27 plus s&h. Call Rob now and get your order in. Thanks! Doc