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  1. I would split the baby. Maybe $450. $500 tops. Rob's points are all solid ones. What if I pay $500 for an SD2100 and it goes belly up the next day? WHOOPS. Doc
  2. Crap Fred I'm not that old. I actually have no one running the shop that's why I'm busier than a hooker on the Las Vegas strip. We've just had a lot going on, all good. We laid tile in two of our bedrooms and 4 closets. Got rid of all the carpet. My son and daughter-in-law are building a new home. They put there house up for sale and someone paid cash for it, and of course the closing date on there old house, no way corresponded with the finish date of the new house. So they are living here with us along with our two grandchildren. They have been here a month. We actually are enjoying it. But I try to get work done and hurry home every day to enjoy the grandchildren. The pool is getting quite the workout. Did you get the camp pillow you ordered? You're right I have not been on the forums for a while. I was checking the forums every week and for a month there was no activity to speak of and I got out of the habit of checking in. All is well, and really busy, which is strange as it usually slows down during the hot summer months. Doc
  3. As you all know I made a cover for the GPZ7000 a long time ago, but I never made an arm cuff cover for it. With the GPZ7000 being such a heavy machine, a padded arm cuff cover really feels good. So anyway, I designed one and I just got them in. So place your orders through Rob. The cost is just $19.95. (does not include shipping if Rob has to mail it to you.) Oh and by the way, have you gotten tired of losing your Ferrite Ring yet? I have after market Ferrite Rings too, with a plastic lanyard and plastic clip so you can carry them on your belt loop. Get them from Rob. $14.95 (does not include shipping if Rob has to mail it to you.) I am sure you have learned this already, but Ferrite Rings are brittle. Don't throw them on the ground! Lay them down. With the no metal plastic lanyard and plastic hook you can lay the entire assembly on the ground until you balance your detector then snap it back on your belt. Doc I almost forgot. Do you love your Detector Pro headphones? Grey Ghosts, Black Widows, etc. etc. Do you love your new Gold Monster 1000, and/or your Equinox? Are you dismayed that they will not work with one another? First, the Equinox / Gold Monster machines have a 1/8th inch jack, your headphones have a 1/4 inch jack. No problem say you, I'll just get a 1/8 in to 1/4 inch adapter! Not so fast little buckaroo. Second: a. A standard adapter does not work. It does not turn off the speaker and most of the time you will not hear the sound through your headphones. The wiring is weird on the Equinox and Gold Monster. b. Most adapters are too large to fit into the recessed area of the 1/8th inch female jack on the back of the Equinox. So, I had a special Detector Pro Headphone to Gold Monster / Equinox adapter lead made up. These correctly turn off the external speaker and direct the sound to your favorite Detector Pro Headphones. These use a very small 1/8th inch male plug that fits into the Equinox. It has shielded wiring and the cable is very soft and pliable. The plugs are sealed to the wiring with heavy duty adhesive lined heat shrink tubing to keep the stress off the soldered connections inside the plug. Each adapter comes with a VELCRO® brand tie to secure the 1/4 inch high quality female plug to the shaft, so it's not flopping around. The adapter cord is 14 inches end to end. The adapter is not waterproof, but it will allow you to use your favorite Detector Pro headphones with your new Minelab machine. They sell for $23.95, contact Rob. (Shipping is extra if you have to have Rob mail it to you.) Have a great spring and summer gang! Doc
  4. Optimize your Equinox for peak "QUIET" performance. You old codgers already know this stuff but I am running into a lot of newbies that are a bit perplexed about the Equinox. This is for them. We have a lot of new detectorists as well as detectorists who have never used a Minelab machine before going through a learning curve with the Equinox. The most common problem seems to be that new Equinox owners feel the detector is noisy and they are not sure how to calm the machine down. Here are some tips: DETECTING TIPS: I know when you see detectors in pictures you always see the coil cable neatly wound around the lower and upper stem. The cable is usually secured with Velcro® wraps. Don't do it! Run the cable straight up the lower rod from the coil, securing it with Velcro® wraps. Once you get to the mid rod, then you can start to wrap the coil cable, and secure it with wraps until you plug it into the back of the machine. You want to be extremely careful about the wrap you put on the coil cable down by the coil. Make sure you leave enough slack so when you lay the machine down, with the coil flat on the ground, you have enough play in this coil cable that you are not stressing it. Why do you not want to wrap the coil cable around the lower rod? Have you ever seen one of those enormous electro-magnets used in a junk yard to lift cars? Well inside that big disk is nothing more than a bunch of wound wire. When electricity is ran through it, it creates a magnetic field. Well the same thing can happen with your coil cable when it is wound on the lower rod. You turn your detector on, it sends energy down the coil cable, and when it is wound around the lower rod, you have created a magnetic field right above your coil. This can desensitize your coil as your detector struggles to adjust itself to a magnetic field it can also cause erratic behavior. The other issue that can cause noisy operation is having the sensitivity too high and also not understanding all of the fundamental operations of the detector. So download and printout that manual. The manual is available for download on under Equinox. Cell phones are another big issue. Seriously! A major issue. Turn your phone off and get it as far away from your detector as possible. Put it in your backpack, up and away from the detector. Another issue is your Pin Pointer. If it is not a Minelab Pin Pointer, you can actually be getting interference from your non-Minelab Pinpointer EVEN WHEN IT IS OFF! Remember the wound wire, magnetic field problem mentioned above? Well most pinpointers have windings. These windings can actually pick up the energy from your detector and cause a magnetic field and drive your detector crazy. Especially if it is too close to the detector. Minelab actually identified this issue long ago. To that end they developed their DIF Technology: Minelab’s Detector Interference Free (DIF) technology significantly reduces interference with an operating metal detector, when the pinpointer is switched off, by disengaging the pinpointer coil’s magnetic field. UNDERSTANDING THE NOISE CANCEL FEATURE: Noise Cancel is a very important and critical feature of all Minelab Detectors. What Noise Cancel does is it searches for interference or lack there of. When it finds an interference free channel it locks onto it and uses it to provide you with a relatively noise free channel of operation. Nothing is perfect, and neither is NOISE CANCEL, but you can help Fine Tune the Noise Cancel feature. #1. Is there a known source of interference nearby? Another Detectorist. High Power Lines. Cell Towers or Antennas on the tops of mountains? If so, do this: Aim your coil at the suspected source of interference. Press the settings button, (It's the GEAR looking icon in the middle under the screen.) Keep pressing it until in the lower left corner of your screen a circle with a hash mark through an up and down depiction of noise appears. That is your NOISE CANCEL mode. Now hold your detector steady, while aiming the coil at the suspected interference source and push the CHECK MARK / "X" button on the right side of the control pad just to the right of the "+" plus button (You can also push the "+" button) This starts the Noise Cancel procedure. The detector cycles through channels looking for a clean channel. It will stop on what it thinks is a quiet channel. It will display a number from -9 to 9. These represent the channels. Is the detector still a little noisy? No worries. We are going to manually look for a clean channel. With your detector still aimed at the suspected source of interference. Push the "+" plus, or "-" button and you will go up or down the channel setting changing the channel. So let's say that your detector ends up during auto-noise cancel on channel 7. When you push the "-" MINUS button it will go to channel 6, then 5, then 4, etc. When you press the "+" PLUS button it will increase the channel. Often you will find during AUTO-NOISE cancel that the number ultimately displayed let's say -3, may not be perfectly quiet, but the channel right next to it is. So manually adjust it to -2 or -4 and see if you can find a quiet channel. #2. You don't know where the interference is coming from or there is relatively no interference. If so, do this: Put your coil on the ground. Now leaving the back of the coil on the ground, tip the front of the coil up at about a 45 degree angle, So from the side your coil it should look something like this __\--- That's a bit more than 45 degrees but you get the idea. Now slowly turn around 360 degrees, make a mental note of where the most interference is coming from. When you find that noisy spot, stop right there. Hold your coil still and go through the AUTO-Noise cancel outlined above, and the MANUAL NOISE Fine tuning using the PLUS or MINUS button I described above. Doing a Noise Cancel on the ground, is important. If you don't know where the interference is coming from, chances are good it is micro-wave interference or EMI. These sources bounce around. You want to cancel them at ground level because that is where your coil is going to be doing the detecting. After deciding on best channel, hit the DETECT button which is the BLACK button with the icon of a coil on the left side of your control button panel, to the left of the MINUS button. AFTER NOISE CANCEL: Now Balance your machine. Once again click on the GEAR ICON until you cycle through to the ICON of a coil with an up and down arrow. This should be to the right of the NOISE CANCEL icon that showed up in the lower left hand side of your screen. At first hold the PLUS "+" button down and pump the coil up and down against the ground about 6 inches. Listen to the sound. The coil will sound different either going away from the ground or going towards the ground. That is because your detector is not properly balanced. If you are getting a louder sound going away from the ground that means your detector is NEGATIVELY ground balanced. THIS IS VERY BAD! You will lose a lot of depth and it will be noisy. If you get a louder sound going away from the ground hold down the PLUS button, because the way to get the detector out of a NEGATIVE BALANCE is to ADD POSITIVE ground balance, this is done with the POSITIVE "+" button. Likewise, if you are getting a louder sound when the coil goes towards the ground you are out of balance on the POSITIVE side. The way to get the detector back in balance is to hold the negative button down "-" as this brings the POSITIVE balance down and gets the detector back in balance. You want to use the POSITIVE and NEGATIVE button while pumping the coil up and down until you are either getting no sound, or the sound is the same both going towards the ground and away from the ground with your coil. I know it may be a bit confusing, but let me try to simplify. LOUDER SOUND GOING AWAY FROM GROUND = NEGATIVE BALANCE - PRESS POSITIVE BUTTON To Bring the detector into balance. LOUDER SOUND GOING TOWARDS THE GROUND = POSITIVE BALANCE - PRESS NEGATIVE BUTTON to bring the detector into balance. SAME SOUND GOING TOWARDS OR AWAY FROM GROUND = PERFECTLY BALANCED DETECTOR. When the detector is balanced, push the TARGET / DETECT button in the middle at the bottom of the Button Control Panel. ADVANCED SECRET: Running your detector slightly out of balance on the POSITIVELY balanced side will give you extra depth, BUT it is quite noisy and prone to falsing. I hope these tips and tricks will help new comers to get their Equinox to purr like a kitten while detecting, and roar like a lion when it finds a target. Doc - Certified Minelab Gold Machine Trainer 26 years a Certified Dealer with Minelab. © 2019 G.M. "Doc" Lousignont Ph.D.
  5. Guys if you know how to use a spreadsheet in excel this is about as easy as it gets. Just put in the dry weight of your specimen and then the wet weight and the program instantaneously will tell you how many grams of gold you have. Doc
  6. Hey gang, you are some of my favorite people so unless you want a frontal lobotomy like this, protect yourself from the sun! Don't worry, I'm not going to die. Well some day, but not from this. It was a superficial squamous skin cancer that they did not get all of the first time, so I told the doctor, no more of this conservative approach, take more than you think you need to, and then when you think you have taken way more than enough, take another inch. I don't have time for this non-sense, there are fall outings and gold to find. SUNSCREEN & HATS Long Sleeve shirts! I just can not over-emphasize how important it is to protect yourself from the sun. You are still getting damaging UV rays when it is overcast. So protect your head, your face, your neck your arms, basically anything exposed. Look at my head! I wasn't always bald, all of those spots are sun damage, that came from never wearing a hat. As soon as by frontal lobotomy heals up I am going to have BLUE Light Treatment. They paint the skin with a chemo type of medication that targets any cancerous or pre-cancerous cells. They let it sit on your skin for a couple of hours as the abnormal cells absorb the medication. They then expose your head and face to the light they use that activates the medication inside the abnormal cell and kills it. This is all sort of a pain, but it is not the first lesion I have had removed. The key to this is constant vigilance for anything weird on your skin. Look out for small red scaly or flaky spots that just do not seem to heal up. Now before you all freak out, most common skin cancers do not metastasize if caught early enough. That does not include Melanomas. But even then, if you get them early enough there is a good chance you will have a full recovery. So if you ever get something on your skin and say to yourself, "That's weird never saw that before." Go to a dermatologist immediately! Do not take a "I'll wait and see attitude," Get it taken care of. 98% of the time it is going to be a benign skin keratosis. No big deal, the doctor will freeze it and gone. The other percentage is that it is going to be something a little more serious that you caught in time. I really feel strongly about this because if I had known what I know now when I was younger, man I would have been a lot more cautious. Protect your grand babies and kids from sunburn ALWAYS! Early sunburns can lead to the problems I am experiencing now. Remember the skin is the largest organ of the body. UPDATE: So the first surgery, the pathology came back that there was residual Squamous cell. I found this out only after I asked the doctor for a copy of the pathology report. This first dermatologist was not a MOHS surgeon. When I originally asked him how the report looked, he said. "It looks pretty good, we'll do the blue light treatment and you'll be good." I said well does it say you got it all? He said, "Well you never know if you got it all." WTH? Of course you know if you got it all the pathology report tells you if you have clean margins or not. So after I asked for a copy of the report it says, residual Squamous cells on the left margin. In plain ENGLISH, he did not get it all. So based on what I read here and Rob's experience I found a MOHS surgeon that had to cut two more giant chunks out to GET IT ALL. He told me he 100% got all of the cancer and all of the margins are 100% clear. MOHS is 99% effective in eliminating early skin cancers. So I had to be cut on again, but at least this time I'm clear. And it was amazing how cleanly the incision healed up this time because there was no residual cancer interfering with the healing process. The second and third picture are the MOHS surgery. After he got clean margins he said, well that was the easy part. The hard part is getting this stitched back together. He said I know you are not squeamish about this kind of stuff, do you want to know what I have to do? I said yes! I wish I could watch. He said I am going to have to make the incision longer and I am going to have to cut down to your skull and cut under the meat and loosen it from the skull. Then I will overlap those pieces of meat and stitch them back together so it will pull the skin closer together so I can stitch that closed. No way I can just pull on the skin, it is too delicate and the sutures would just rip out. So that is why the final stitches in the third picture is so long, it was a matter of being able to close the chunk taken out of my head. He told me I would have a swollen and maybe black eye on that side because the muscle he was pulling on and stretching runs down beside my eye. Well I was pretty swollen and it was painful for a couple of days. Nothing an ice pack and some Ibuprofen didn't help. I appreciate all of the information about Mohs surgery. I would not have know that was an option. Doc
  7. I sent you something I think you can use. I hope you like them. Doc
  8. Funny you said that Rob, because I thought that first bunch of "nuggets" he panned out looked really weird like they were drippings. Like melted wax that would roll down the outside of a candle. I kept thinking, if you can find gold like that with your naked eye, why would you not be using a metal detector. Surely there is more and bigger gold that you can't see. Doc
  9. Well real or not, it sure held my attention. I mean haven't we all had dreams like that? You always hear about the old-timers who happened on an area and there were just nuggets laying on top of the ground. We should live so long as to have something like this happen to us. My moment of disbelief is when he takes that enormous, museum sized nugget, and starts digging dirt with it. If that was real the guy would have to be a mental patient to treat that piece in such a disrespectful way. Doc
  10. Thanks for the plug Rob. As I said in the article, no one said you won't stumble across a nugget from time to time in a place where you would not normally look. You are walking from one likely spot to another and stumble across a nugget(s), and are sort of amazed. But the point of the article is, "Gold is usually found in the places experience, education and geology tell you it is most likely to be." I can imagine the greatest majority of those 10,000 nuggets were followed with an exclamation to yourself, "I thought this looked like a good place." I am sure you have a few, "What the hell is this doing here?" moments, but they were in the minority. If gold is simply where you find it, why do we bother looking on the inside bends of places where water flows, or is flowing? Why do we bother to go to areas where there is quartz and granite, and contact zones and mineralized dirt. Why did you bother to go to a jewelry store to buy Dawnie her gold engagement ring? Why didn't you go to a grocery store, or a shoe store, or a meat market? Now you might have wandered into a Marshall's and found that they had a jewelry counter with diamond rings, (that would have been a "gold is where you find it" moment) But that would not have been your first thought of where to go to look for a gold engagement ring. You're first thought when you wanted a gold engagement ring was to go to a jewelry store because that's where you were most likely to find gold jewelry. You have exactly 8 hours to find a gold engagement ring. Where you going to go? Jewelry stores or meat markets? Point being, smart detectorists spend their time wisely looking for gold in the places it is most likely to be. Gold is where you find it, is just a cute catch phrase. It's like you "always find your keys in the last place you look." Bottom line is, the greatest majority of gold is found by experienced people who have paid their dues and learned where to look for gold. As I said in my article, "Gold is where you find it" implies that it is all luck and coincidence. 5 guys who have never swung a detector go out detecting with you Rob. At the end of the day who is likely to have the most gold? I would place my money on you Rob. WHY? Well not because Gold is Where You Find It. It's because Gold is found where it is most likely to be, and you have a lot more experience in knowing where to look. Doc
  11. Well I have been selling on Ebay a long time. I have a 100% feedback rating but I learn something new every day. I know a lot of you guys sell on Ebay as well, or purchase. I have just lost a lot of money and time trying to recover a brand new Equinox 800 I sold on Ebay, worth $900, all because I dutifully uploaded tracking information. After selling the Equinox, I packaged it and shipped it. Buyer notifies me she didn't buy the item. I get her contact information and call her. All the address information is correct but she says she has no idea of how the item got ordered through Ebay and paid for with her Pay Pal account. I told her just refuse the package when it arrives, when I get it back I will refund her money. I told her to contact Ebay and Pay Pal. I followed up our telephone conversation with a message through Ebay to document the conversation. (I honestly thought her husband probably bought it and didn't tell her, and she would probably get back in touch with me and tell me her husband confessed to buying the detector and all was fine.) On the day the package was to arrive I checked tracking to make sure the buyer had refused the package and that it was on it's way back to me. Instead I find that the package had been intercepted and re-routed to New Jersey and was due for delivery on that very day. Now I get the postal inspectors involved. They tell me that the package has been delivered to a Russian Freight forwarding company that has been known to be used by hackers and scammers. Long story short, the postal inspectors tell me that anyone who hacks an ebay account and paypal account and makes an unauthorized purchase obviously has access to all of the account information. So they know the account holders name, address and when the seller dutifully uploads the tracking information, that is all they need to redirect a package to anywhere they want to. The only way to stop it, is to not upload tracking information. SELLER BEWARE! Paypal seller protection DOES NOT protect you if the package is redirected, so you are just out of luck. I happened to have had a great postal inspector, who went above and beyond to recover my merchandise. The merchandise had been repackaged and was getting ready to be shipped to Russia. Inside the box was not only my merchandise valued at $900 but also a watch valued at $1000, which I knew nothing about. Obviously the hacker was scamming several items then having the forwarder consolidate the stolen merchandise into one box to be sent to them in Russia. I told the postal inspector to seize the watch, and my Equinox 800 is on the way back to me. Take this information and do with it what you will, but protect yourself. I would recommend that if you are a seller, never upload tracking information. If you are a buyer, tell the seller not to upload tracking information. Doc
  12. So sorry for the passing of Dawn's mom. You guys are in our thoughts and prayers. I am glad you dad got his much needed surgery and he is getting better. He will be a new man. Doc
  13. Uncle Ron you are absolutely right. Sometimes you have some ironstone in there. But it is just an estimate. It's sort of fun just to see what the numbers say. Doc