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  1. OK now here is more to add. How about a White's MXT? A friend has one for sale with a few coils. I'm not familiar with it that much as a genral all around detector.
  2. times over with coins & jewelry. Still have the Gold Bug 2 and the ML 3500. Each one has its place. The Whites and Tesoro have always done us proud in the hunts. Very few times have we ever came up with less coins and tokens then the hunts cost us. Good to see you out and about. Bob T.

  3. Hi Bob,

    Remember me? Just checking on if all you guys are still alive now that the 24K club lots were sold. Are you still travelling up here for gold?

    Take care

    John Ingianni 623-398-8426

  4. Thanks. I'm still looking and haven't made my final decision on what I will get. John
  5. Nice pictures grubstake. You haven't changed a bit.
  6. Hi All, I have decided to get back into detecting. I used to have a Minelab 2100 V2 for my gold detecting and have since moved on and sold it. I will be on the road with my trailer and was interested in finding a detector that will work well in dry beach sand as well as dry land. I don't need a Minelab detector (High End) nor a Bounty Hunter (Low End) I have been looking into a Garrett 250 ($212 - $297) 6.5 kHZ or the NEW Garrett Ace 350 that is coming out in Oct. ($297) I think 8.25 kHZ I'm sure others will chime in on their favorites. I'm all ears.
  7. I found this out in the desert of Arizona. It looks like a head of a eagle or vulture. I can not tell if it was man made or mother nature at work. Anyway the eye and the shape of the beak is what caught my eye. I'm presently researching local indian tribes to see if they have seen anything like this. I beleive it is made of flagstone What do you folks think? Iggy
  8. Thanks Chris. I was hoping you would stop by and take a look. Chalcedony is what I said it was but other dissagreed with me. I said I would find out more. Thanks again. Iggy
  9. Hi Everyone. This may be off topic but a bunch of us guys found these quartz looking rocks west of Tonopah around Saddle Mountain. This is west of Palo Verde plant. They seem to be melted and reformed like lava. Any information would be helpful. Thank you, Iggy
  10. Ray, Know you are trying hard for that first nugget. Now with gold at $832.80 an oz should help you. Here is a picture of a nugget I found with the 2100V2. Enjoy your new PI. I'll keep my eyes open for my next one. Iggy
  11. I really was waiting for the 5000 to be delivered but I guess I could use the 4000 Iggy
  12. Here you go. http://www.24kgoldhunters.com/ Iggy
  13. Haven't heard any word about the 24K push that was setup on the west side of Rich Hill. It was suppose to be this week. Did it happen and I beleive the day we can get on the claim is the 30th. Anyone know the latest? Iggy