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  1. OK ever body is out of the pool and this is what we are looking like I have some iron wood I will be using to make a display mount in the coming days. I like that it has exposed the gold in the specimens I don't believe specific gravity is very accurate. Note he gold that was shed from these specimens in the back ground. Question for all is there a sealer I can now apply to these specimens to prevent any more shedding?
  2. At this point I have mixed the remaining chemicals and added it in with the original mix and dropped the specimen back in along with another piece that was promising. Let me know what you think
  3. Thanks Bob Believe me I have no misconceptions on the reality of a specific gravity test and actual gold content. I would be happy with half that. I will snap a picture of the rock that will be crushed to get the smaller deposits I have always liked your avatar " I will do Science to it " and we are...
  4. Thanks Bob I decided to break away the parts of the specimen that appeared to have very little gold and for the most part I was right. I mixed the two products and submerged the portion of the specimen with the most gold. The specific gravity came out to 2.36. I have a few smaller pieces to break down the old fashion way
  5. Ok I have some information on a way to do this with some simple products. Thanks Morlock "50 % Hydrofluoric acid is very dangerous to use and I wouldn't recommend it unless you have an extensive chemical lab background and the equipment to go along with it. I suggest you try Armor Etch or Whink rust remover..or a combination of both. Armor Etch is a cream and Whink a liquid and you would get better results with a combination of the two imho. Both contain very dilute Hydrofluoric acid and it will dissolve quartz but it will take A LONG TIME.... possibly weeks or even months
  6. I wanted to share my latest finds working with the Minelab Gold Monster Using the 10 inch Coil. I have been working this area for a time and here are my latest finds. I have figured something out with the Gold Monster. I'm using the larger coil just slowing down and covering more ground. I see these videos and the guy are moving the 5" coil at mock 6 but only covering small areas. They are Zigging when the should have Zagged. Granted the small Coil is extremely sensitive in the center but getting the dime size zone on a small target takes back and forth back and forth. I suggest that the
  7. Hey I'm looking for direction on how to dissolve the rock from around my Specimen I have had this thing a long time and think I'm ready to change it's appearance. It's Specific Gravity shows 2.36 oz of gold I have posted the picture before but here it s again. I'm hoping to get enough information to free the specimen I believe it is wire gold. When and if complete I will share the results with everyone I'm looking to make this a forum project Thanks in advance
  8. Thanks Rob It takes courage to make a stand. Evil wins if good men do nothing. Thank you!
  9. That is very nice. The weather is getting good Can you share what part of Arizona you working this old Channel?
  10. I want to call bullshit on these masks. Considering that the mask is only designed to be used one time. It would be very expensive to use. The object of the mask in use for Covid-19 is to prevent the distance your breath travels not necessarily what you breath in. A cloth mask is probably more economical because they can be washed and disinfected. The cheap disposable typical mask is probably the best choice. Here in Arizona a dash board in the sun this time of year you mat be able to take your chances with a sun roasted 240 degree cleaning.
  11. Thanks Rob! That's a bit of an education in it's self I'm hoping you can add to. Was there so much lime the sediment carrying the gold rolled in it up like snow when your building a snow man? Looks like some good size rolled and rounded rock in one picture, honestly I don't care where this is, I'm only hoping to educate us on the type old deposit the old timers left in place. So here is one question. What is the cement that hold this chunk together and are there untouched areas that glued together gold into a mixture that was undetectable to a miner with a pick and a pan?