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  1. I want to call bullshit on these masks. Considering that the mask is only designed to be used one time. It would be very expensive to use. The object of the mask in use for Covid-19 is to prevent the distance your breath travels not necessarily what you breath in. A cloth mask is probably more economical because they can be washed and disinfected. The cheap disposable typical mask is probably the best choice. Here in Arizona a dash board in the sun this time of year you mat be able to take your chances with a sun roasted 240 degree cleaning.
  2. Thanks Rob! That's a bit of an education in it's self I'm hoping you can add to. Was there so much lime the sediment carrying the gold rolled in it up like snow when your building a snow man? Looks like some good size rolled and rounded rock in one picture, honestly I don't care where this is, I'm only hoping to educate us on the type old deposit the old timers left in place. So here is one question. What is the cement that hold this chunk together and are there untouched areas that glued together gold into a mixture that was undetectable to a miner with a pick and a pan? Thanks Rob
  3. Thanks Is the area that it was found Virginia . I saw that AUwanderer pointed to that. I'm just curious
  4. This baffles me. It looks like a pie shape was cut out of that big old piece of gold. My mind races was it laying right where the quartz vein left it? never moving? Or did the quartz fall out when it was found? Awesome no matter the case. Thanks for sharing!
  5. That is awesome! They should dig down on. It appears to be a quartz vein and if it stopped it might start gain.
  6. Good comes from respectable places. No one can deny that George Masy had all of our interests at heart when he started the GPAA and the outdoor channel. If it wasn't for Gold Fever I probably would have never picked up the hobby. Honestly I have never been a member of the GPAA and never will. Leadership is influence nothing more nothing less and Tom Masy was a true leader. Leaders create momentum and anyone (including family) can ride the momentum that a true leader creates. Time and the lack of the presence of a true leader wears at momentum. Without a true leader the Gold Prospectors Association of America is still doomed. We are a dying bread and with the government of today it is only a matter of time that any hole you dig, any mining effort you make the government will find a way to make it difficult and stop it.
  7. Garikfox I have to say if you heard the buckshot you will hear gold. The next thing you need to do is get your coil over the gold.
  8. I have never found a Sun baker so I have two questions Are these new areas you have detected before? Was there some weather event that made you hit the area?
  9. Well I have to say the damp ground helps a lot. I pulled a number of small pieces of small lead but also this 2.8 dwt out of a patch I have racked down.
  10. I gotta say the Badger claim sounded really good and I'm not surprised it sold so fast! The Hard rock mines are cool too is there any information on their production?
  11. Do you think when the ground is wet or damp your detector runs better. Can you go to a patch you have cleared and out pops another piece of gold?
  12. It took me 2 years to find my 1st piece of gold and another 2 years to understand what to look for. Best of luck!
  13. Very cool. I kind of like the square nails and just finding targets. It is an indication nobody else has been there
  14. Rob The nails, wedge and bullets don't look that old. When do you think it was last worked?