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  1. Hey one4gold, Thanks for the comments. Ya, we need to get out, sounds like Leaverite won't go ......
  2. Hey Clay, Excellent information for us mineral claim owners. Thanks for all your free help and info.
  3. Hey Moksa58, Thanks for the purchase and welcome to the forums. There are many prospectors on this forum from around the Southern California area, so hopefully they will chime in. Let me know when you receive the unit and I will help you in the meantime how to set it up. I'm sure in no time, you will have some of those California gold nuggets under the GPZ's searchcoil.
  4. Hey Guys, Still working in the same general area, raking and exposing bedrock. I'm using the Minelab GPZ 7000 to locate missed gold nuggets down the bedrock cracks and crevices. Hope you enjoy.
  5. Hey Bill, You will like the Coiltek Elite 14x9" Mono. Thanks for the business. Wishing you much success with the new coil.
  6. Hey Tom, I agree with you, I might try uploading a smaller 2-3 minute video in a lower resolution vs. a HD one and see how they play.
  7. Hey Guys, Here is part 2 of working this old placer area here in Arizona. Man, it was warm out there, high humidity and high temps. If you enjoy the videos, please subscribe to our channel, click that LIKE button and right that BELL button.
  8. Hey Guys, I have uploaded about 85 videos to my "Nuggethunting" Youtube Channel over the years. I have used several different cameras/camcorders to do videos and upload. I'm back videoing again, but it seems like it just takes forever anymore to upload a video to Youtube. I'm only uploading 12-15 minute videos, but they are uploading in HD. It has taken as long as 8 hours to upload a video to Youtube. I have a 12 minute video uploading now, its only at like 25% and it's been 3 hours ...... Are most people uploading a lower resolution video, beyond HD? Any help or advice would be appreciated. My Youtube Channel is -
  9. Hey Guys, Thanks for the comments. I made it back out today, scored 6 nuggets. Man, it was very humid at times. I started around 6am and went till about 2pm, by that time I was out of water. I have another Youtube video loading now, but it takes 5-6 hours to upload. Is there a faster way to upload to Youtube? I'm uploading in HD, so I know that takes time, but the video is only like 12 minutes long. Any expert Youtubers out there?
  10. Hey Bill, The most popular sized coil ever sold in my opinion as a dealer is the 14x9" Elliptical Mono. It's a perfect mid-sized coil for all types of gold, gets great depth and can pinpoint and work in tight spots. That being said, both NF and Coiltek make this size. The next size up would be the 17x11" or 17x13" elliptical Mono. Nuggetfinder makes the new EVO series in 14x9 and 17x13 Coiltek makes the new Elite series in 14x9 or 17x11 I would go with the 14x9, best overall coil in my opinion.
  11. Hey Bonadiman01, What State are you located in? Welcome to the forums.
  12. Hey GDM/PV, I had a friend offer me an invite to a patch up that way, but I turned it down this weekend. I probably should have taken him up, much cooler up around Prescott then around the Wickenburg/Bradshaw area. Yes, I used to hunt all Summer long, but would get up very early and be on the ground at day break. However, over the years, I have gotten to the point where I'm not a huge fan of hunting in the heat or high humidity. On another note, congrats on the two nuggets you scored. What was the weights of them?
  13. Hey Andy, Thanks for the report. As we talked about in the past, the guy that came down to show me the X-coils only had a few designs. He will be coming back from Russia this Winter with more stuff and will stay longer. It will be interesting when someone can just manufacture or build the coil adapters to eliminate that headache. Walker - Right now they are only being sold in Russia to my knowledge. There are a lot of bugs I think that need to be worked out before they become available here in the US for retail sale. Hope all is well on your end.
  14. Hey Way2cool, Definitely still warm out there. The Monsoons are starting to hit us now here in Arizona, so the humidity will be nasty soon enough.