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  1. Hey Way2Cool, Good question for sure. I think the special on the Equinox 600 is it's not moving as well as the 800's. This is just my opinion, but I sell probably 20-30 800's to 1 600. I think by tossing in the 6" coil, which is a great small coil on the 600, they can move more of the 600's out. It always seems when a manufacture released two or three models of the same type, one will always out sell the others. I believe the Vanquish will be the same, three models, one will probably take off like hotcakes. I have the same inquiries on the new Simplex + metal detector. I have a ton of pre-orders on one model vs. the others. Keep in mind, for anyone looking for Minelab metal detectors, we have our 2019-2020 Bundles includes with 6 models, the Equinox 800, Gold Monster 1000, GPX 4500 & 5000, SDC 2300 and the GPZ 7000.
  2. Yes, it will go quickly. I have several guys wanting to see it, first come first serve on it.
  3. Hello All, I have a used Minelab Gold Monster 1000 a customer traded in. It's in good condition and everything works well. All stock accessories are included. Asking $600 firm, original box included also. I don't expect to have this unit long, due to the popularity of the Minelab Gold Monster 1000. 623-362-1459 or 602-909-9008 email -
  4. Hello All, Minelab is bundling FREE items with the following metal detectors below. These items are now available for purchase (10-15-2019 thru 01-31-2020) Minelab Equinox 600 Metal Detector - get a FREE Minelab 6" DD Searchcoil included Minelab Go Find 66 Metal Detector - get a FREE Carry Bag and Digging Gloves Minelab GPZ 7000 Metal Detector - get a FREE 19" Searchcoil included Minelab Gold Monster 1000 Metal Detector - get a FREE rechargeable battery included Minelab SDC 2300 Metal Detector - get a FREE pair of Waterproof Headphones included View the Minelab PDF file here - file:///C:/Users/Rob/Downloads/Minelab 2019 Promo.pdf Keep in mind, we have "2019-2020 Prospector Bundle" packages included with many of these detectors above, so the Minelab FREE items will be an additional free item beyond the FREE bundle we include. Contact us for more questions or if you would like to order.
  5. Hey NVMiner, Glad Dawn was able to get this taken care of for you, the new GPZ lower shaft will ship tomorrow morning. I haven't broken one yet, but you are not the first. I have sold several dozen to customers that did the very same thing, either tripped, fell on it, slipped and so on. You might get lucky and super glue it back together, but the weight of the stock GPZ coil and the way most people swing them, I'm not sure it would hold for long. I used to break all kinds of lower shafts on the prior SD, GP and GPX detectors. I would always have at least one extra spare shaft anywhere I went. I learned my lesson the hard way when I was miles back in the back country of Arizona and slipped off a bedrock waterfall and fell right on the lower shaft, snapping it in pieces. I tried to use electrical tape and a wooden stick from the ground, but it only worked for like a minute or so and the coil would flop around. What a way to ruin an entire full day of hiking ..... I always recommend a lower replacement shaft for any detector, it will be a life saver having it when you need it. Congrats on the nuggets you found. Will be interesting to see what else you turn up on your return to that spot.
  6. Hey Chris, The SD and GP series have came way down in price now, as Minelab hasn't supported them in some time. Also, there are no parts available, so if something happens to them, Minelab will not be able to fix or repair them. Due to this, age and no chance of repair, the value has really dropped off. The SDC 2100 is good condition with all accessories is now worth in the range of $750-1000. Keep in mind, like you did, you can get a new GPX 4500 with two coils for $2699 and a 3 year warranty still. The GPX 4500 is 5 detectors newer (8-10 years of advancement) than the SDC 2100 and a great leap in technology. Hope this helps a bit,
  7. Hey Chris, Real nice finds. If you are finding those smaller nuggets with a PI, you are doing good. Keep up the great nuggetshooting!
  8. Hey AlexGPX5000, Coming to Arizona is great, but sometimes the Grass in not Greener over here. You are in probably one of the best States for gold, especially gold nuggets. There are plenty of gold areas, mines and placers around Yreka, CA. I know you also have the Shasta River not far away. Have you tried researching locally for nugget shooting? Heck, you might have better gold right in your backyard. Great to see you on the forums. Talk with you later. Rob \
  9. Hey Garik, I think that claim, Gene's Dream is on the Black Canyon Wash. There are nuggets there along the Black Canyon, but it's spotty. I would search for old ancient benches or shallow bedrock areas in the bottom and up on the benches.
  10. Hey Guys, This is a pretty good write up on Minelab's Treasure Talk about using the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 in Auto vs. Manual balance and the differences. Hope this helps a few guys out.
  11. Hey Horst, Wow.... that is amazing! Thanks for sharing.
  12. Hey Garikfox, Any word or more info on those coins?
  13. Hey Idaho Jim, You are correct, the 8x14 is a Dual Field and it's very possible they will sell it alone at some point.
  14. Hey Guys, Talked with my White's Electronics rep last night. Due to Miner John's facility burning down in the fire, White's don't sell that model anymore and they now have the Camo and Tan units as the replacement. If someone is interested in one of the Miner John versions, you might be able to find one out there.