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  1. Hey Steve, I have always valued your opinion and experience. I think for the most part, we are on the same page. The only difference we have, is you have personally used the Minelab GPX 6000 for some time and I'm basing most of my information from my experience on the GPZ 7000 and second hand info from personal friends that do own the GPX 6000's in different regions (outside the US). Majority of these guys still hold firm, the GPZ 7000 is more powerful when it comes to nuggets at depth. I'm very cautious when talking with potentially new customers to discuss all these points,
  2. Hey Guys, Here is the new Sun Ray Pro Gold Headphones that will work on all 1/4" standard detectors and all the 1/8" detectors like the Minelab Equinox or Minelab Gold Monster 1000. Pretty slick idea that Sun Ray had with these. All the info, pictures and order link below - NEW GENERATION Truly Universal!! SUN RAY PRO GOLD UNIVERSAL HEADPHONES 1/8″ (Previously Known as CTX3030) New: “Lock’em Up” LIMITER – Yellow- ON is Down position – OFF is Up position. New: “Lock’em Up” Mode – Black (detector compatibility Mono/Stereo/CTX 3030 & Equinox, Others) All the sam
  3. Hey Guys, Here are the new Sun Ray Pro Gold Headphones, which have the 1/4 & 1/8" jack. Here is all the info - NEW GENERATION Truly Universal!! SUN RAY PRO GOLD UNIVERSAL HEADPHONES 1/8″ (Previously Known as CTX3030) New: “Lock’em Up” LIMITER – Yellow- ON is Down position – OFF is Up position. New: “Lock’em Up” Mode – Black (detector compatibility Mono/Stereo/CTX 3030 & Equinox, Others) All the same features and detector model compatibility as the Sun Ray Pro Gold original version except now is compatible with all Minelab, most other brand detectors. And s
  4. Hey Way2Cool, I missed this post originally. This is my take, from all the years of using metal detectors and being a dealer. I don't think we will see a price drop on the GPZ 7000's as it's a different animal all together and is sell well. I could see at some point after the GPX 6000 is going strong that the GPX 5000 could drop down in price. The GPX 5000 dropped from $5795 to $4000 several years ago. Could we potentially see the GPX 5000 going down to a price range like the GPX 4500, I think it's possible, but not for $2699. I could see something like low to mid 3000 range.
  5. Hello All, I came across a really old Youtube video I made back around 2008 here in Arizona. There are only a number of places in the last 25 years of metal detecting that I can say were honestly rewarding and worth all the effort to drag down a drywashing/vac-pac, set it up and run it all day or weekend. This happen to be one of those locations where we found a number of very rough gold nuggets using metal detectors, but the amount of smaller pickers and fine gold was unreal. Practically ever nugget my partner and I dug up, we saw a half dozen or more small pickers and a good
  6. Hello Everyone, Well, if you own a Minelab GPZ 7000 metal detector, I would highly suggest the new 12" Round Nugget Finder Z Searchcoil designed for the GPZ 7000. This new, lightweight coil will surely increase your small gold finds better than the stock 14x13 GPZ coil. About 3 months ago I had the opportunity to originally test this coil before the release here in the US. My first day out I scored about a dozen smaller gold nuggets on patches I hit hard prior with the GPX series and GPZ 7000 with standard searchcoil. I ended up letting a good friend take
  7. Hey Guys, I must have missed this post. I have a batch of new NF Z Search coils for the GPZ arriving anytime. I have one of the largest orders and still will not be able to fill all the backorder I have on them. I recommend anyone looking for this coil to call me and get on the list ASAP so when they do come available, you will get one sooner than later. The coil will cost $1100 MAP with free shipping/insurance here in the US. Rob
  8. Hey Guys, Ya, I have to agree, there are no issues here. I have had the Invision Boards run numerous checks, all come back clean. I also "pay" for this forums, it's not a free one where it's loaded with ads and pop-ups, where there is a huge chance of bugs/viruses and such. Thanks for all the feedback. I agree, all the forums have slowed way down. Rob
  9. Hey Guys, I didn't get tape measure out, but it was well over 3 foot deep on bedrock. I agree, I'm holding my GPZ 7000 for now. I'm sure the new Minelab GPX 6000 will be great, light, super sensitive and have a huge demand here in the US. I will be getting one, but I'm sure I will be using the GPZ 7000 equal as much, especially in areas where I believe there could be gold at max depth. Tom - No question it's heavy. After a long day of swinging, the GPX 5000 or 6000 sure sounds good. Rob
  10. Hey Guys, Yes, that is correct, I believe I have found my smallest one ouncer to date. I'm referring to the size overall of the 1 ounce nugget. Most of my 1 ounce nuggets or larger are flat and much large in size. This slug, it solid and dense and weights 20.4 Dwt's, just .4 Dwt's over an ounce (20 Dwt's per Troy Ounce). I'm not going to discuss how deep it was found, or signal response - It was found with a Minelab GPZ 7000 and it was deep! Wishing you all many gold nuggets. Rob
  11. Hey Guys, I figured we can stir the pot just a little while we wait out the release of the Minelab GPX 6000, right? That being said, Minelab still claims the GPZ 7000 can get "up to 40% more depth" over previous GPX detectors. We can all question, does the GPX 6000 still fit in this category, as Minelab stated GPX detectors. The upcoming Minelab GPX 6000 is still a GPX series detector, but primarily using GeoSense Technology. I don't see where GeoSense really talks about any more depth ability over the previous GPX 5000, but it does mention about better ground response/clari
  12. Hey Nancy, Welcome to the forums. The Yuba River system is a great gold area, wishing you and your friends much success up there. We would love to hear any stories after some of your trips. Rob
  13. Hey Guys, That is great news, I also got about 6 emails today stating the same thing, no issues whatsoever. The Invision Boards also just sent me back an email stating there are absolutely no viruses, bugs or issues, as it's on their hosted server, paid for and they run the top security stuff so all their forums/servers don't get hacked. I understand the forums are much slower now, only a few forums that are up and running. I'm thinking more and more people have turned from PC's and doing the phone stuff, Facebook, Instagram, Rumble, Tic-Tok and other major social media sites.
  14. Hey Ridge Runner, I haven't heard anything about them, but it don't surprise me when it comes to scams and gold. Thanks for posting, maybe someone can dig up some info on them. Rob