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  1. Hey Guys, My friends re-visited the location and found these nuggets below or around the pocket. I believe it's 6.2 Dwts worth of nuggets.
  2. Hey Guys, Here is another picture from another great friend that is using a Minelab GPZ 7000 metal detector. The big chunk is 53 Grams or 1.7 ounces. You can see this large gold nugget was sitting next to a quartz crystal giving it that shape (V looking shape). Congrats on my friends recent success!
  3. Hey Flak, Doc already has a armrest cover for the GPZ 7000. Here it is if you really didn't know ..... LOL
  4. Thanks Guys. I didn't get out today, Saturday, but maybe tomorrow. I went out to the Gold Rush Days in Wickenburg.
  5. Hey Guys, Some friends were generous enough to let me share this picture. It was a 2.5 ounce pocket of gold found near the surface and went down about 2 foot. It was found with a Minelab GPZ 7000 metal detector in the Arizona desert. Hope you enjoy, it's still out there!
  6. Hey Chuck, Yes, I have have them and can get them. I just haven't had time to get them uploaded to the online store.
  7. Hey Guys, Was out exploring some new ground and stumbled over these pieces. The large specimen was 1.2 ounces. All three pieces were found with the Minelab GPZ 7000 at depth. Weather was beautiful and the Lord blessed me with some great finds for the day. Rob
  8. Thanks for posting. I seen that, so it will be interesting to hear more.
  9. Hey Guys, I got some access to some new ground, so a partner and I decided to check it out. After a long day hunt, we rounded up 26 Grams of the good stuff. The biggest nugget was 6.5 Grams. The gold is a bit rough and has bits of quartz attached to certain pieces. Rob
  10. Hey Mike, Thanks, I didn't know that. Like you mentioned, you could pay the minimum per year for a few years and then purchase the lifetime for $400-450 and still save probably $750.00
  11. Hey Mike, Jim was a long time friend of mine and I sold and distributed the 7th and 8th edition for years. That being said, the publisher stopped printing the 8th edition several years ago, which was a huge upset. The book has been the best selling detecting/mining book I have ever sold. I have tried several times to get the publisher to re-print, but it's a dead end road. There has been a few copies floating around on Ebay for $100+ dollars due to the demand. I do still sell a few of Jim's books on my online store and Ebay. "3 hours to Gold" and "Advanced Detecting...." are two greats also!
  12. Hey Guy/Gals, Several people have contacted me recently about joining the Roadrunner Prospectors club. It's a great club with a lot of claims. I have been a Lifetime Members for a long time and highly recommend the club. That being said, in the recent Bird Tailings Newsletter, there is 3-4 lifetime memberships for sale in the range of $350 to $400 plus the transfer fees. This is a lot cheaper than the $1500 membership. P.S. If anyone is just looking to join the club, make sure you tell them Rob Allison referred you Hope this helps a bit, Rob
  13. Hey Guys, Just a FYI, the FREE Promo items from Minelab are not included anymore. This offer expired 1-31-2020, but we still offer the 2020 Prospectors bundle packages with most Minelab detectors. Hope this helps, Rob
  14. Thanks Guys. The 4 Grammer wasn't a real screamer, but I knew something was there for sure.
  15. Excellent hunt guys! Thanks for sharing. Rob
  16. Promo's end 01-31-2020. These bundles/promo's have been selling extremely well.
  17. Hey Djhanson, Back in the early days with only the VLF detectors, I used to weigh my gold in grains only. I had a Dillon Precision Black Powder Scale and used it to weigh my gold. It would weight down to 1/10 of a grain. I used to get hundreds of 1-5 grainers ..... LOL
  18. Hey Guys, Djhanson - Definitely interesting to think about how it got there originally. Tom - I should start using Grams .... LOL The weight was 3.9 Grams.
  19. Hey Guys, first nugget of the year, 2.5 Dwt's. Was working around the same placer working for the last couple of weekends. Tons of trash ....
  20. Hey Guys/Gals, New book we just got in stock. This is Clive's 3rd Equinox Book, so it looks like a good one. We have it listed on our online store or Ebay Store.
  21. Hey Guys/Gals, New book we just got in stock. This is Clive's 3rd Equinox Book, so it looks like a good one. We have it listed on our online store or Ebay Store.
  22. Hey Guys, The depth of the second nugget was probably 4-5 inches. It was not real deep and sounded really good. The rains washed out the wash, so I believe it was probably deeper before the recent rains in the area. Yes, I hope it turns into something bigger, or more gold nuggets. It's a very interesting area for sure. Rumors of some nugs over an ounce were found in the general area in the past.