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  1. Hey Guys, Just a FYI, products are getting harder to keep in stock due to the Coronavirus. Several manufactures mentioned they will not be able to ship certain products I ordered. This might spread to all the manufactures if this crisis gets worse. Just a FYI, we are doing our best to keep all products in stock, but if we are unable to replace inventory, it might get difficult for a bit to get certain metal detectors and accessories. Right now the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 is on backorder and they are slowly trickling in. As of now I don't have a ETA when the next batch will arrive, so everyone is searching for them now. There could be a shortage on the Equinox 800 really quickly also. If you order something from us and we don't have in stock, we will refund in full if needed, or ship the moment that product(s) arrive. I would suggest you look through your inventory or your wish list and get orders in soon than later if you want them within the next couple of months. If for some reason I'm wrong about all this, then it's business as normal. However, I think it's going to get worse before it gets better. Rob
  2. Thanks Guys. Here is a picture of the nuggets found that day, figured you didn't want to see all the trash. 🙂
  3. Hey Guys, I had to social distance myself, so I decided on a trip back to the old placers. Like always, digging tons of iron rubbish, this time I must of dug a dozen iron pick tips. I'm sure they were using the tips to pry open crack and it would just snap off the tips. I was working with my Minelab GPZ 7000 all day, moving rocks and racking sections of bedrock off. I ended up with 6.2 Grams of the good stuff in 5 gold nuggets total. I didn't get a picture of all the nuggets or a final shot, but here are a few I took during the earlier hours. A few pieces wedged in the bedrock cracks. Wishing and praying for health and wellness for you all during these crazy Coronavirus times. Rob
  4. Hey Gary, Good prospecting. I finally made it out today for a little bit, found 5 pieces and a gob of iron rubbish. I will post later tonight. ROb
  5. What a great piece of gold. Congrats and Thanks for showing! We need something to cheer us up despite the crazy times right now. Rob
  6. Hey Guys, I have a really nice Minelab GPX 5000 that a customer traded in. It comes with all the stock accessories plus the Doc's Goldscreamer Power Pack, Li-Ion Battery system ($469). I'm asking $3,000 firm for this unit and all accessories, coils and battery system. The detector is in great condition. Contact us by email, phone or text. I don't expect to have this unit long. 623.362.1459 office 602.909.9008 cell or text message
  7. Rob,I’m happy to report that I finally know what gold sounds like with my GPX-4800+coiltek 14” mono. It’s a beauty too. Took long enough... I then proceeded to dig over 90 bullets and metal jacket frags of various sizes because this was near a camp site too. So I’m hoping if I clear away all the trash I will be left with everything anyone else was too impatient to dig.I’ve swung the mono coil quite a bit now and I think it is incredibly sensitive now that I’ve learned it. In actuality I almost didn’t dig this nugget (40.5 grains) because it sounded weird like almost ferrous...Now that I’ve “beaten” the Southern Arizona skunk I’m ready to poke out to other areas!Happy hunting!
  8. Hey Guys/Gals, We finally got the new book in stock and available now on our online store. The Nugget Shooter's Field Guide by Reese Townes. Great book with a ton of colored pictured. $24.95 with $4.00 US First Class Shipping & Handling
  9. Hey Guys/Gals, We finally got the new book in stock and available now on our online store. The Nugget Shooter's Field Guide by Reese Townes. Great book with a ton of colored pictured. $24.95 with $4.00 US First Class Shipping & Handling
  10. Hey Garik, Ya, I know how some of those roads can be, especially after the rainy season. Have you been working any of the bedrock on the claims?
  11. Hey Guys, Here are a few other recent customers ready to hit the new season with their Minelab GPZ 7000's. These two new customers came from Canada and Wisconsin and both are looking forward to using their new detectors in Alaska this Summer at AKAU Camp. I guess guys with the GPZ 7000's have been doing really well, up to 10 ounces a week with the GPZ's. I guess I should of looked into this years ago ..... Thanks for the business guys. Wishing you much success!
  12. Hey GarikFox, Great to see you're still getting out. I thought maybe we lost you or something. The video looks good, always great to watch when others aren't getting out. I've been doing some field instructions the last couple of weekends, but hope to get out soon. ROb
  13. Hey Guys, A good friend sent this one over to me a few days ago. Said he found it on the edge of a gold bearing creek, but sounded like it was not on bedrock. What a beautiful Minelab find, GPX 5000 with Coiltek 14x9 Elite Mono Searchcoil. The piece looks much bigger than the actual weight, which was 1.9 Troy Ounces. It's still out there ....
  14. Hey Guys, I have been very busy the last couple of weekends doing field instructions on the Minelab GM 1000's, GPX 4500's, GPX 5000's and GPZ 7000's. The price of gold is jumping, so more and more people are hitting the goldfields with metal detectors. Here are a couple of my customers that found some gold nuggets during field training with Rob's Detector Sales. We would love to earn your business and get you trained on YOUR new metal detector! More Customers and gold to come ..... 🙂
  15. Hey Guys, My friends re-visited the location and found these nuggets below or around the pocket. I believe it's 6.2 Dwts worth of nuggets.
  16. Hey Guys, Here is another picture from another great friend that is using a Minelab GPZ 7000 metal detector. The big chunk is 53 Grams or 1.7 ounces. You can see this large gold nugget was sitting next to a quartz crystal giving it that shape (V looking shape). Congrats on my friends recent success!
  17. Hey Flak, Doc already has a armrest cover for the GPZ 7000. Here it is if you really didn't know ..... LOL
  18. Thanks Guys. I didn't get out today, Saturday, but maybe tomorrow. I went out to the Gold Rush Days in Wickenburg.
  19. Hey Guys, Some friends were generous enough to let me share this picture. It was a 2.5 ounce pocket of gold found near the surface and went down about 2 foot. It was found with a Minelab GPZ 7000 metal detector in the Arizona desert. Hope you enjoy, it's still out there!
  20. Hey Chuck, Yes, I have have them and can get them. I just haven't had time to get them uploaded to the online store.
  21. Hey Guys, Was out exploring some new ground and stumbled over these pieces. The large specimen was 1.2 ounces. All three pieces were found with the Minelab GPZ 7000 at depth. Weather was beautiful and the Lord blessed me with some great finds for the day. Rob
  22. Thanks for posting. I seen that, so it will be interesting to hear more.
  23. Hey Guys, I got some access to some new ground, so a partner and I decided to check it out. After a long day hunt, we rounded up 26 Grams of the good stuff. The biggest nugget was 6.5 Grams. The gold is a bit rough and has bits of quartz attached to certain pieces. Rob