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  1. Hello all Seeking a Partner for exploring Southern NV California and Arizona Goldfields on weekends with over night camping hunting fishing outings not just Gold hunting. New Partner should have own 4x4 with hi clearance lift and Lockers front and rear to be able to keep up. I myself have a CJ7 with a 4 inch lift, 4.56 gears front and rear, Low gear set in Transfer case and lockers front and rear. This is Not a ride along invite as My wife is my only Copilot! would be nice if your better half came along as well. Plans is to have two vehicles of equal abilities so one
  2. Really cool story I hope the best for you and I bet It has more in store for you if you put some work into it
  3. Steve Flying for me is no problem, I get alot of discounts with alot of larger Airlines, As I work for a Major airline. Like Horizon is a good one for me they are affiliated with Alaska airlines and I get a good discount with them. Penn air I dont know about them, When I get to work tonight Im going to look at the putor and see if they are on the list, Hugland and redline I dont think so, they are too small ill have to pay full price their. Going out and about will be a problem though if all the good areas have large claims. As I dont know any one with claims in those areas, Just always thoug
  4. Steve Thanks for the info Eklutna lake yep your rite thats the place :!: kinda figured that might be a good canyon :? oh well . Go north Eh? :wink: north I shall go :!: after a tripe to Gain's Wow :!: thats one heck of a Nugget :!: I Hope theres more like that left. Out of curiosity hows the area around McGrath? Every thing Claimed thats a problem in all good Gold areas isnt it. Permision's now thats tuff for a guy like me far from home with very limited time off from work, makes places like Gains creek a real bargin.
  5. Was also thinking Moose pass, Bird creek, and any other small creeks inbetween Anchorage and Keni River/Russian River go do some fishing while there. Hows the area for detecting up behind Alyeska? Im talking deep into the Canyon. Did they close down the Haul rd? I was thinking about going out to an area I was up into when I was a Boy up above Livengood but before you get to Coldfoot. Ever been up to Wiseman or Chicken? Im HOME SICK can you tell?
  6. Hi Steve I belive I met you years ago at AMDS, I dought you would remember me but I remember you. The hotest things going at the time was the GoldBug and Minelab. I was working for Northern air cargo at the time. When I met you You wear carying a Pill Bottle full of Large Nuggets from a freinds Claim you had just came back from, You said you found them useing a GoldBug up on the side of a hill from the creek. I have been trying to figure out the costs from Anchorage on into Ganes creek and what air charters or small airlines are available and not having a heck of alot of luck, besides whats me