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  1. No sense looking for nuggets when there’s an asteroid coming loaded with gold
  2. Thanks Rod, you are right about Santa Rosa as it’s beautiful. I like Napa but haven’t won the lottery yet.
  3. After spending time in California taking my wife fishing, for the third straight year, we have decided to move here part time. We have fished Clear lake and Berryessa and need to be close to there,yet close to good gold. My first thought was Auburn, Ca. As that’s close to the gold fields. It needs to be north where there is oak trees and grass. My question for those in the know is where is a good place to live? hard to beat Arizona in the winter but it gets too hot.
  4. The back story is my 5000 took a dump, (broke) and I bought a new one that rob got me Wednesday night. The next day I took it out and used factory settings. Those settings had the threshold too low for this nugget standing on its edge, the thinnest edge. So I missed it but had a feeling. So Saturday morning when Rob and got in the area I asked him to hit the area just to be sure. He did and the digging started. The rest is history. Rob will need to reply to settings. on a side note that’s interesting is where the nugget was found. Not on the inside of the creek, but the outside, where there should really be limited gold. I know Rob was as baffled as me and commented before it was found that there shouldn’t be gold here. Maybe Rob will chime in and comment. The amazing thing is how something that heavy got it a crack vertically. The geology of the creek is hardrock bedrock with cracks in places. The creek had a chute that is two foot wide and where I had been finding the nuggets I posted last week. The big nugget was up out of the chute on an ancient bench, about two feet higher than the low spot. #showthevideorob. Rob has better pictures so Ms. Bond, doubting Jennifer, can see how thick it was. I’d say close to 1/2” thick.
  5. This will be brief as Rob will no doubt want to comment on today's hunt. We met in the dark and headed out to our spot when it was light enough to see. The wind was blowing cold out of the north and yet later, the temperature warmed to almost 80 degrees. If you have seen my posts from the last week you know I was into some gold. When we started the day today, I had Rob use the GPZ 7000 where I had found my gold and he got a warble. I would'have never heard it but Rob is a master at listening. After ten minutes of digging, a gigantic nugget popped out. It was way down in a crack with the thin edge on one sticking up. The huge nugget weighed 12.8 ounces. A little over a pound. I took a video on the phone but it's not letting me send it so ROb can post. We will figure it out. The picture doesn't do it justice and Rob's picture will show how thick the nugget is. Once in a lifetime nugget.
  6. Arizona gold for sure. I was using the GPX that day only because my 5000 stopped working last trip. Rob was with me on that hunt and he offered to try to fix it. He couldn't get it to work but sent in to Minelab for me for repairs. I will say Rob goes out of his way for his customers and I appreciate very much.
  7. Yesterday I made it back out to the spot where I got gold last week. There was a cold wind blowing down the canyon as the sun began it accent for the day. I was nestled in this canyon as it's been good to be before and there had to be more gold. Soon the sun peaked out from the ridges to the East and cast a warm glow and warmer temperatures. As I began to poke around it wasn't until noon that I hit my first target. It was a nice nugget but I was worried the streak had ended. I continued the hunt until the shadows of afternoon took over the canyon and around 5 pm I got a signal. I dug and dug and then out popped this very nice nugget. After getting home and weighing it, the scale said .76 of an ounce. Along with the morning nugget I was just shy of an ounce. It's still out there! Note- there was second nugget in the picture but it cut off in the download. Now I see the second nugget
  8. Bedrock starts at two feet but dips in places. I always imagine what's down there
  9. Went out to mid-western Arizona today, the place I have found nuggets before. This time I went about a half mile up the creek from the spot I have found all the black nuggets at and when it was light enough, began to dig. The temperature was in the fifties to start with and ended up in the mid-seventies, typical Arizona winter weather. I could tell the old-timers were here as there were stacked rocks but they didn't have detector and as I began to break open cracks in the stream, here and there a nugget would pop out. In total for the day it ended up at 19 DWT, just shy of the ounce I hoping for. The gold was very chunky and the picture sucks. I hope to make it back out again tomorrow and keep working the creek.
  10. Very cool. Love that there is no boulders slowing them down. I really don't understand why they would spread the dirt and then pack it before detecting it. Just makes digging harder.
  11. Rob, if you do it where are thinking this will be held at? Is there good gold? Are we on your secret claims, as I could pass out the GPS coordinates to those who need it. HA
  12. Rob, you need a link in this post that takes you right to your store for this item. If I could have clicked on something I would have bought it. make it easy as I don't know my way around your store. Just a thought
  13. I made it out last week to the site where I have been getting the black gold nuggets and came up with a few more. This time it was a surprise nugget that was a a half ounce slug. add that to the others and it was just shy of an ounce of gold. I will be back out in the morning and see what happens.
  14. Finally got out to where I have been finding the black gold and realized that I am about 100 yards from where Rob found his last weekend nuggets. The ground is spotty but when you hit the right crack it's amazing what you can find. This gold amounted to a little over a quarter ounce which was good for four hours work. Hopefully I'll be out in the morning and see if 2017 will give up some more gold. Happy New Year to all of you.