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  1. GMT ... Greenwich Mean Time. The world clock if you will ... it all starts there in London basically. Big Ben is UTC-0 ... I think AZ is UTC 7 which is Mountain Standard Time ... the zone AZ is in ... and during Daylight Saving Time(DST) it is Pacific Time as well as AZ Time because AZ does not recognize or participate in DST!
  2. Timing and search mode. Go to minelab GPX manual on line and read for yourself. They explain it well. Here is the link: https://www.minelab.com/__files/f/22591/4901-0096-5 Inst Manual GPX 4800 5000 EN_WEB.pdf
  3. Mike

    I would be interested in trading the 2.36 specimen I posted a while back for the SDC2300

    I'm in no hurry I have had it since 2008 and enjoy having it sit on a shelf in my Kitchen.


    1 Capture.PNG

    1. Mike Furness

      Mike Furness

      Sorry ... But decided to keep the SDC.

  4. For now anyway I am keeping the remain two detectors. The Bug Pro will probably just look pretty sitting up on the wall. The SDC still has a potential life with me but limited action! Thanks for all who bought and showed interest over the last couple months. Have a great summer! Admin ... feel free to remove the entire thread if you want to save a little space. I'm done with this one. Thanks Rob! Mike
  5. The beauty of the SDC 2300 is its unique ability to ignore those pesky hot rocks which in turn saves you time from digging some of junk targets! You do dig all your targets right!? If you don't ... well ... you have been leaving gold!
  6. All three are reduced here to my bottom price and picked up in Prescott Valley or shipped ... You pay shipping UPS insured. SDC 2300 $2200.00 shipping est. $30 Fisher Gold Bug Pro $300.00 shipping est. $25.00 White's Gold Master v-Sat $200.00 Shipping est. $25.00 SOLD
  7. Mine is still for sale in the classifieds on this board. Check under "gold detectors for sale".
  8. Couple more pictures I couldn't post above. 1. White's Goldmaster V-Sat ... 2. Fisher Gold Bug Pro
  9. Happy New Year 2019! I have 4 detectors I would like to see someone get some benefit from. I would be happy to give anyone who buys one of these machines a lesson on how to get started so you can go and use it right away if you pick the machine up locally. (I teach with Bill Southern here at Nugget Shooter so you will be getting what you need to get started.) All prices are cash or pay pal (friends and family please). Cashiers checks would be OK BUT I will have to wait until it clears the bank before releasing the detector. Shipping if not picked up locally is on the buyer and will be est
  10. My condolences to all who knew him personally. I had a couple forum conversations with him but never met him in person. Sad to lose one so young!