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  1. Must have been the six pounds of gold I found out there last month ... Heeeee...
  2. Claims leased to American Prospecting Club are being withdrawn by the lessor, Jirak Group LLC... “all claims will be closed to prospecting on August 6, 2011”. Active club members have access until that date. For any access after the above date or any other issues contact: Elly Loftin Steve Sloan
  3. You meant scrapes (pushes)..? No. That would be the claims already sold up on the hill itself. Not sure what the new owner is doing there.
  4. I just signed up too. Lou was also a 24K member. Rob, Lou says hi. His account for the claims was that he "The JB claims have produced small nuggets. The largest I have heard of there is about quarter ounce. The Scenic Loop area has occasional smaller nuggets.". I think those who have been there will pretty much agree. So off to JB we go!! He gave me some credit for my 24k membership which is really nice. He should be contacting other 24k members about coming on board.
  5. Wondering what's up there. Quite a few were upset when the claims were sold without notice.
  6. Elly's old website is up advertising the claims club. Wondering if this is the remaining clams of hers or what...?
  7. Recalled 4500s are serial numbers below 1200 (I believe). I have a 16" round mono NF coil that runs absolutely dead quiet at default factoy settings. Great place to start experimenting for more depth & senitivity. Best detector I ever had.
  8. Getting better with my GPX 4500. Went to Rich Hill on push day. With the large number of folks there running their detectors - the only way I could get peace and quiet was changing to my DD coil and running in cancel. I have been told that is not recommended, but was the only way to hear that I could determine. Thoughts? Also - any useful sites or info on recomendations on the huge list and combination of options or rules of thumb on condition based changes to settings?
  9. One more question. I've got a GPX 4500. If there are a lot of hunters there tomorrow - would it be advisable to use the 11" DD and use cancel for less interference..?
  10. Oh thanks... - so Desert Special is on the East side of Rich Hill..? Thought those were all Devils Nest Claims. What is the name for the ones on the West side.
  11. Will be over at the 24K claims tomorrow. The push is at the Desert Special Claims. I had not been there yet. I believe they are on the west side of Rich Hill. Can it be driven (4WD) or is it a bit of a hike..? Where to park.... Thanks
  12. Hi Rob, Here is that nugget I found on Sunday - the day after the push opened.
  13. Was just at Rich Hill Sunday with the new Coiltek 18.5 elliptical I got from Rob for my 4500. Picked up a 16.5 grain nugget. Excellent coil. Thanks Rob!!
  14. Mine is above the recall numbers. Runs very quiet in all settings after tuning. No issues.