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  1. I just went on and got right in with on problems renegade Bob
  2. Mike the coin read 12-31 and I think I was in TTF been trying the TTF to find hits I missed in regular setting. Just trying to learn the etrac have used the explorer for years renegade Bob
  3. 49 I was checking the coil on my Etrac the day before I was getting lots of noise when detecting so went into the yard to check it and the first signal was the coin at about 6 inches renegade Bob
  4. Frank I found the coin in Warren Oregon I keep looking for more but no luck yet now I want to find a nugget in my Dewey yard but only got one color So I put it in water hoping it will grow but no luck yet but I keep hoping ha ha renegade Bob
  5. well guys I do not post much but here it goes Monday I detected my first gold coin in my back yard a 1869 gold sovereign where I have detected too many times to count in the last 20 years to count I will try to post a photo if I can get to work renegade Bob
  6. does anyone have trouble getting Dan's show to load I have not been able to load it for about 6 months thanks Renegade Bob
  7. sorry guys eyes seeing one thing and brain reading something else I was thing about the Placer mining report due at BLM it must be in by 30 Dec 11 this year normally due end of Jan Now it is due by the last day of Dec or no new dredge permit I hope I got it right now both proof of labor and recreational placer mining report are due now
  8. just a heads up Oregon miners have to do the same BUT we can do it on line make sure we all get it done because you will not get your 2012 dredge permit if you fail to get this form in on time
  9. Rob thank Dawn for me I got the Eureka Gold bettery and charger Sat morning in the mail the customer was here and picked it up before noon Sat thanks again Bob