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  1. I'm having a reality check here in NM...I think I may have bought too much machine for the size of the gold we have to hunt for here. What VLF's are some of ya'll using and what kind of results are ya getting. I'm going to get a VLF and sell the ole 3000 I just bought., just can't justify have that much money tied up for hunting small gold. Thanks. Dan
  2. Ok...that's good enough for me, I'll be in touch either this week or next for an order. Dan
  3. Hey Rob ...do you think the Joey mono is more sensitive than the minelab 8" mono, I was thinking about buying one or the other, thanks.
  4. I'd like to get some opinions on what drywasher is available for a 1-man operation, that doesn't cost an arm and leg, thanks.
  5. That's the info I was hoping to find, thanks for taking the time and effort to post all the names and numbers guys, I really do appreciate it. Dan
  6. Can anyone recommend a couple of clubs to join to get access to the Rich Hill and Greaterville areas, I'm in NM and would like to hit both areas this fall and winter. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Dan