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  1. what are your favourite settings on your 2300 I usually run on sensitivity 3 threshold 4 . I use an amp and shoulder speakers. Yesterday tried sensitivity 5 threshold 3 I had to turn down amp but found some tiny gold down to 0.01grm on surface. I regularly noise cancel and ground balance. I picked up a 1.0 grm nugget at 9 inches in very mineralised soil. I was pleased. But wondering whether I could have done better on other settings. ?
  2. The charger has gone back to minelab will wait see the results.
  3. I went out today detected for 8 hrs with no problems. I will definitely get something done with the faulty minelab charger.
  4. I put batteries back on charge 1 hr later the charger indicate fully charged all green lights. I took batteries out put them in another charger. This charger indicated batteries only one quarter charged. They have been charged now for four hours and showing three quarter charged. So the charger supplied with detector is faulty looks like I will have to get onto minelab. Oh well.
  5. I have been detecting about 20yrs and have owned a lot of different machines. It has always been a practice of mine to bury a test nugget to a depth that the machine can only just hear it. Then set the threshold to a point that the target is best heard. I watch some of the videos of people using 2300s and they have the threshold just about screaming. They must be missing a lot of faint signals. Last time out I settled for setting 3 there was a bit of emi about but still able to distinguish targets. Try this yourself when setting threshold it works. Cheers neilo
  6. I just bought a sdc2300 I took it out going over an area I have flogged to death with my gpx. I detected about a dozen small pieces mainly shot and lead no gold. I was pleased that I was able to find this rubbish it showed it definitely out performed my other detector on small targets. After about four hours of detecting my battery alarm went off batteries flat. They were fully charged when I started. I was disappointed that it only lasted such a short time. Does anyone else have this problem with their machine? I have seen some batteries on ebay 9500ma they are rechargeable nmhi . Has anyone tried them?
  7. Its been a while since I was on the forum, well my latest effort is to have my GP3500 modified. I had it done by Minelab Mods Ismael Jones in Western Australia. I couldn't be more pleased, I was detecting an hour after having it returned and within half an hour I dug a nice small 1 gram nugget. The area I found the nugget is on the main path to the diggings where hundreds of detectorists have swung their detectors . The area is heavily mineralised and by using the newly installed smooth mode I was able to hear this faint signal.I was using a Nuggett Finder Sadie Coil and the nugget was about 6inches down. The whole area has been heavily flogged and to even get a signal in this area is amazing. I would like to hear from other detectorists who have had their machines done. I am happy that's for sure. cheers Neilo
  8. Hi Pete yes its still my favourite haunt, the boy did well to find a piece that size up there they are rare nowadays. I think I know where you mean. Saw a guy up there swinging a 5000 with standard coil, he was digging in the Dam where everybody has set up sluices in the past, its full of crap bottle tops, tins etc. He had just bought the machine first time out, never detected before, he was digging a huge hole with a tiny little prospectors pick getting frustrated, trying to find a target. I thought I might be able to give him a few tips and help him out a bit I tried to talk to him but he wasnt that friendly so I left him to it. Now that the weather is cooling off I will start heading back up there more regularly , I still havent tried the GB at Jupiter yet. I have found gold using the GMT there in the past so I should be all right with the GB might be a bit noisy but will give it a go. seeya Neilo
  9. Went out today detecting over areas I have been over countless times with other detectors eg GMT,Exterra70, Minelab XT18000 and GP3500. to see if the Gold bug 2 could find a few tiny bits I had missed. Today I played with different settings, concentrating on regular ground balancing and different threshold settings. I found if I ran the threshold slightly louder it highlighted weaker signals. It also increased ground noise but good signals were obvious. Well the machine didnt let me down whilst the gold I found was only tiny it still gives me a buzz to find. The total weight is less than 0.1 grms for twelve pieces it amazes me just how loud the signal was from these tiny pieces and at a depth of about three inches. The coin is a 1877 English Queen Victoria Threepence that I had found in the area some time ago. seeya Neilo
  10. neilo

    Quiet in here ?? gold ??

    Well done Pete, I have to magnify my finds buy 500 times to even get a decent look at them. I am not jealous at all, well maybe just a tad. If you like you could send it over to me I can use it for a test nugget up at chapel. Keep up the good work. cheers Neilo
  11. neilo

    out with GB2

    Hi Pete I took a mate of mine with me and he borrowed my Whites GMT I showed him how to set it up and he found more than me, he actually found 7 bits. He concentrated on one little heap about 3mts square scraping off a couple of inches at a time then going over it again and again gradually going through the whole heap.I didnt hear of any fire up there but if there was one I would be one of the first to be up there detecting, its just about impossible to detect in some areas, Jupiter creek is like a jungle.At Chapell hill some of the old tracks have vanished, when you get up near the power lines its easy to get lost in the undergrowth. I still like going to chapell its my favourite playground and the little GB2 is the winner up there it hasnt let me down yet. seeya Neilo
  12. Went out yesterday in a very dense bushy area dug lots of bullets, shells and bird shot. Managed to find 6 small nuggets of gold, a good day out, the gold might be small but any gold is welcome . Neilo
  13. Out again yesterday its getting harder as the ground dries, targets were lacking still managed to find three tiny bits of gold total weight 0.3 grms. Well that brings my total finds with the GB2 to 101 pieces so I cracked the 100 mark they might be small but all very welcome. Merry xmas seeya Neilo
  14. Hi Rob I hope your on line store goes well. Will you be doing international orders eg to Australia?
  15. neilo

    Help me decide!

    Send an email to the technical boys at Fisher Labs and ask the question as I did. They told me GB2 definitely was the better gold machine! I have had the GB2 now for a couple of months and found gold every trip out, great machine! Neilo