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  1. Hello all, Ive staked out some claims in colorado (forest service land) on a nice river that have some potential. I decided to submit a notice of intent to do drilling on not less than 4 sites on these claims, and based on the drill results to do a bulk sample of not more than 750 tons of material using a tracked excavator. I submitted the notice well over 20 days ago, and have yet to receive any response to my notice via phone, email, or mail. I dropped off the aplication with the district rangers office in person, even signed in on the visitors log, and got a hand written reciept that it was accepted. so i know theyve had it. The regs say they have 15 days to respond, (36 cfr 228.4) and let me know if my plans require a plan of operations, and they haven't said a thing. So what im wondering is this. Can I start mining already?!
  2. so, could i just build a dredge (land based) out of a trash pump and a sluice? trash pump $189 basically the pump and dredge would stay at the waters edge, and i would be free to roam around with a very long suction hose. would this work? is this an affordable alternative?
  3. well thank you for the reply! im just afraid that im digging all the wrong spots. and all too often i spend hours detecting only to come upon someones un filled holes, leaving me no hope that there is anything more to be found. I just wish i could find a little color out in the hills, that would fill me with enough hope to go on for months...
  4. so i have a sd2100v2 with a 11 inch mono, i also have a dry washer i have yet to actually use. but i have been searching out by rye patch, dry gultch, american canyon (still waiting on this one) and a few other places, and the most valuable thing i have dug up was a 2006 penny i found in a wash today.... i did also find an outcropping quartz vein which i took a sample from, which im going to drop off at the local assay lab Monday, but really... nothing significant as of yet. tomorrow im hoping to go out for half of the day and dry wash some of the old placer workings, and spend the other part of the day beeping around a few canyons, all south of imlay. if anyone has any advice for me i would really appreciate it. i have a 4WD ford so i can get almost anywhere, also i have a Spot sat messenger, so i hopefully wont get stranded out there. thanks for your help Greg
  5. I have a few gold pans and some stuff from there, great folks at that shop. so i went back up to my shop in chicago, where i had some of my stuff before and during the move, and low and behold it was hiding under a Pallet! thanks for all of your help everyone
  6. how much would one be with shipping? ive been out beeping a few times, and still havent found anything. im hoping that my upcomming trip to rye patch with my 4WD truck will finally do the trick! thanks Zippoz
  7. So im going to go hit the field around lovelock in the next week or so. And while packing up my gps, sat messanger, gold pans, etc... when i got to my metal detector I saw that i was missing the lower shaft of my 2100!!! i have looked everywhere, and fear that it might have gotten lost in a recent move. Is there any chance i could get a replacement by mid next week, perhaps somewhere in Northern Nevada or Salt Lake city?? or perhaps somwhere i could order it from? thanks Greg
  8. a while back my car broke down in the nevada desert south of lovelock, just off of the bombing range bravo-20, i walked for 8 hours with no water or food (dumb of me to go out there without it) and almost died that night. thank god some geologsts were taking samples from the stillwater range that night or i would have died.... after that i decided to pick myself up a spot messenger . its $150 for the unit and service is pretty cheap, under 100 a year. i have used it countless times and it has served me well. if you use the 911 function it will alert a response center that will dispatch emergency services to you ASAP, and for $7 a year you are covered for up to $100,000 in emergency fees.
  9. Ill pay for some assay's at the NBMG if and when you make it back there, drop me a pm, or e-mail me at if you are serious about it. -Greg
  10. i have one of these ill have this one, and i was actually at cabelas in boomtown, nv the other day looking for a usb cable and some data... would your cable work with this? if so I'd gladly take it off your hands !
  11. so as requested i am going to post up some pics of what i dug up yesterday out in the hills. i was hoping that someone could tell me if these were nuggets or not. i should also note that the small piece on the left was the first target that i EVER dug up... here are the pics the first one is everything i found and the second is focused on the 2 pieces that i think actually might be somthing. thanks for looking!
  12. I have permission and access to the vast majority of the private property in that area. also, im in lovelock, and have access to the recorders office to check where the private claims are. so with that in mind, do you have any reccomendations on where to look? one of the neighboring sections (private which i have access to) is reported to have gold from the tieritary era distributed through out the section. although i dont quite know what that means to be honest.
  13. anyways, tomorrow im going to hit the hills hard again, up around the Lower Rochester area by locelock, NV. today i hit the dry washes directly down from the town and found a lot of trash, but no gold. anyone have advise on where would be a better location to hunt around this area? also, check out this satellite messanger i picked up it tracks where i am every 10 minutes, and uploads it to a google map for anyone to see! this is where i was today also, it has a feature to call an emergency response center incase you meet with a life or death situation out of cell contact. and if you just blow a tire, or get stranded you can use a HELP feature that will send e-mails and text messages to anyone you choose with your location and a short message. but anyways, where should i be hunting in this area?
  14. Fredm- i saw your instructions on tuning a Sd2100 for a mono coil with the 5 1/2 and 6 1/2 turn adjustment and set it that way before i headed out. it worked pretty well for me. I was working out in the dry washes below lower Rochester canyon, here is a sat map of my trip today (although i left the tracker in the car while i was hunting (dumb!) anyways i located and dug up over 20 targets most of them were small pieces of wire, however i found one small piece that i think might be gold... most of the time i just found where the targed was, raked it around a bit to pin point it and then just put the coil sideways and passed handfuls of earth over the coil till one beeped. then i just kept dumping half into the other hand and seeing which one beeped untill i found the target.... There was so much trash in that wash though... i pulled out a few shell casings a .45cal slug from a hillside, and tons of nails and pieces of wire