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  1. I have a new Minelab Goldmonster 1000 for sale. Box has never been opened. $700. Firm
  2. If anyone is interested the Mine and Mineral museum is having its Prospectors Day/Family fun day on Feb. 19th. This is a VERY kid friendly event and the best part is IT'S FREE!
  3. It was nice to meet you at the show Rob, nice to put a face with the website.
  4. As always thanks for the help! Hopefully I will be able to work this area more in the coming months and hopefully find a nugget or 2 mixed in with all the bullets. But it was sure nice to get out for awhile and do some hunting. Thanks again for the replys!
  5. Well I will first start off by saying I had my first day out prospecting in the cooler weather here in az. I was able to attend a club outing in the bumble bee area. I have not been in this area before, so I basically took in all advice and tips and stories from the members on the area for future visits. It seemed everyone kept pointing out how many bullets are in the area. "this area is loaded with lead" I heard over and over again. And sure enough doing some test pans we would see lots of little pieces of lead. After awhile I got out my Tesoro stl and start off over the hill some of the guys said nuggets have been found in the past. Almost immedietly I get a hit. Sure enough a bullet. Now one guy panning said alot of the other "shooters" wont work the area because of all the bullets. Thats why there is still nuggets that he finds panning every so often. So after awhile I have about 10 bullets and a few pieces of tin. My question is, is there anyway of discreminating out lead? large or small. Or does lead bullets mimic gold so closely to the detector that you cant discriminate it out? I dont mind digging every target since according to the other members decent nuggets have been found in the past and new nuggets are found every so often. Just wondering if anyone has any advice for areas like this? Thanks! Brian
  6. It may not mean much. But I dont own a ML and possible never will. However to me(and I may be biased since like I said I dont own a ML) detecting is detecting. I could care less what everyone here uses. What I get out of this site is the tips, stories, situations, and pics. To me its knowledge that I try to gain from this site regardless of what may be being sold by the owner of the site.
  7. I am using a tesoro lobo st. However still waiting for my first nugget. But to be fair I havent been able to put in much time detecting.
  8. Yes you use your sucker bottle to suck up the gold off the mat. Just like in the video rob made, the lighter material flows off the table and the gold plants itself on the mat. Now in Robs video I see he is using cons with alot of black sands from dredging he said. Now I dont have a dredge so the material I am running on it has black sand but also alot of other sands and little pebbles. And all that lighter material runs right off leaving the black sands and gold, the black sands follow soon after leaving only the gold. I was thinking about purchasing a blue bowl, but once I saw one of Travis's "black magic" tables I wanted that instead. What I liked about it was you dont have to screen down as much as the blue bowl(from what I have been read and been told about the blue bowl). Brian
  9. I have already purchased one of these from Travis. I got mine a few weeks ago. And I agree completely with Rob. Once you get the angle and flow of water set, you can just watch the gold almost stick to the mat. Great product! Brian