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  1. I did not know a serial number had to be listed Looked at other ads none have them listed or had them listed never seen a serial number list before on any ad Is this something new does minelab check all forums Thanks Roger
  2. I have a GPX5000 brand new in the box Tape was cut by dealer to put in a used lower rod to mount 2nd coil I opened box to peek inside that's it Bought end of August 2019 I did not register for warranty maybe dealer did I don't know You can transfer or register Look on minelab to see picture, I'm not unpack because never get it back in that nice I hurt my rotator cuff 3150.00 firm. 3000.00 --------- Phone 920-946-2249
  3. Also why does minelab sell the control box as a replacement part never saw that before to gold monster Do they not last as long Are they that fragile and break easier made with thinner or cheaper plastic Just wondering Thanks Roger
  4. What is in the package of the gold monster 1000 Same as picture before or are you adding something Thanks Roger
  5. I didn't ask you to look at the ad Read the title it told you what the ad was about You can use the truck to haul out your rv for a weekend or more to stay in while prospecting What do you take out for prospecting a Prius do you have enough ground clearance How do you haul out your equipment drywasher, shovels, picks, hi backer pumps, motor, water tub for recirculating, lots of water for recirculating system, buckets, and the list goes on Nobody else had a problem with it the subject was quite clear don't look if not interest would be my suggestion Me I hope people list other things I might not know that I need I hope this explains what 4x4 pickup has to do with prospecting Gold nuggets for sales don't have anything medal detecting in led you bring them along to throw out to find them again No offence but I think something put you in a bad mood , so you had to let your frustration out , and I got in the way I have been there done that Hope your beeps are 22k big ones Good luck Roger
  6. 2018 Chevy 2500 HD 6.6 diesel 4x4 crew cab, short box ONLY 7000 MILES, diamond aluminum folding tonneau, running boards towing package The easy way no leather, no sun roof , I don't think it is missing anything This is like new, I drove home from dealer, wife drove ever since 49750.00 save money new price add sales tax. 48000.00 Call 920-946-2249 Thanks , Roger
  7. Yes but Rob has bunches and bunches of gold nuggets so he can do that Let me count mine a minute Oh yea. ZERO Do you think that he keeps hiding the same one for videoing himself finding nuggets , suspicious don't you think
  8. For sale brand new equinox 800 assembled but never used , the box and everything that came with it I will throw in the dust it collected or if you don't want the dust will wipe it off 750.00 Call me at 920-946-2249 Located in Congress AZ close to wickenburg Thanks for looking, Roger
  9. For sale brand new equinox 800 assembled but never used , the box and everything that came with it I will throw in the dust it collected or if you don't want the dust will wipe it off 750.00 Call me at 920-946-2249 Located in Congress AZ close to wickenburg Thanks for looking, Roger
  10. Looking for a used Thompson drywasher 12 volt/hand crank model Must be in good working condition PM me Thanks Roger
  11. OK let's talk LSD Stands for lost San demego or something heard of it for years on forums Well worked over I am sure Is someone willing to tell where it is Are there lots of claims to be careful of Is this a nugget metal detector spot or dry washing Anyone want to share? Roger
  12. About 5 years or so Buck made me 2 with 36" handles bad knees didn't have to bend as far Watch a couple of guys on YouTube in the east they find lots of civil war items They screw a magnet to bottom of handle that can lift 450 lbs the kind they use for river and lake magnet fishing Saw them on video lifting out of river civil war cannon ball I want to put 450 lb magnet on mine and just clear a 10 ft circle of all the junk at 1 time Then you just have gold and coins and pop tops LOL Roger
  13. Rob I had 3 or 4 by passes when I was 58 I will be 64 on the 21st it was not as bad as thinking about it But I was scared of having another heart attack so I didn't do much What I know now is if you don't use it you loose it So going to try metal detecting again but just sold my 2 detectors Now I thinking about buying a equinox 800 have not found one yet,I have a trooper of a wife that will help me For our 40th wedding anniversary I got her a new shovel Also want a pin pointer minelab pro35 or Garrett carrot water proof one Keep that in mind Rob Anyway tell you're dad to have it done lots of years left and buy 2 x 12 x 8 feet long 2 of them cut in half to 4 feet and put 2 stacked under each side of chair so when he wants to get up there is little or no pressure put on chest or switches I had self resolving stitches and would request them again I had staples for gulblatter and when re moved it spilt open and had to heal from inside out A lot longer to heal When I left the hospital they gave me pain meds never used one Tell him to get it done and move slow and easy for awhile Sorry it got so long Roger
  14. Very nice Rob Did you figure the gold content ounces after refined or isn't there much rock and such Roger Did you're father have open heart surgery
  15. Jim P I am old I don't have enough time left for a learning curve. LOL Roger
  16. Is the Bradshaws claimed up Or can't you have claims in the Bradshaws Roger
  17. Thanks for the help I don't really know how to search for the info to find what land is open to metal detecting or to see if it's claim But thanks for the into you young men shared Congrats to you Rob on the 13 oz Honker You must have had to change your underwear when you saw that Are there picture of it on you're forum Roger
  18. Moved to Congress AZ mid October Could someone tell tell me how to get to Bradshaw mountains to do some metal detecting Not asking for your secret spots but I will take help in finding an area that has produced a nugget or two Do I have to come in off of I 17 if so what road do I turn on Or can I get off a road off 89 somewhere Any help in fine my 1st 1 ozer or 1st nugget any size would be appreciated Roger
  19. I have for sale 2 metal detector First, whites mxt with 3 coils soft case might be headphones in case. 600.00 / 550.00 Second, fisher goldbug 2 with both large and small coils and soft case. 600.00/ 550.00 And a whites bullseye 2 pin pointer. 50.00 By all as package 1000.00 Call 920-946-2249 Congress AZ
  20. above is for sale all the hoses clamps honda motorpump about 20 hours used only as hi banker never dredged i do have straight and swivel nozzle $800.00 would consider a nice nugget for it or a bunch of pickers it's in Congress call if you want 920-946-2249
  21. I have Bunks also nice pick quality I think it is a 36 inch bad knees easier to get deeper Roger
  22. nice piece of gold Tom very pretty old Tom you just take your time and make sure the zipper is closed goodly BS around the fire is a good thing also Friends,BS,Food,Drink all equal good times Roger B in AZ soon
  23. I wont be leaving WI until Oct 29th seems earlier to have the show as he said snowbirds are not there yet Roger
  24. I'm not watching the sea gold rush South America and will not be watchin golsh rush AK I do not like stupid even tho I get there once in awhile still dont like it and Todd is beyond stupid Roger