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  1. The price is crazy. I'm going to find the connector name and save everyone a ton of money.
  2. I found this.. "Minelab News‎7 days ago - Unveils New Underwater Metal Detector That Allow Scuba Divers to ..... engaged with the artisanal small scale mining sector for many years ..." And thats It. I tried to look at the site but the information its gone. I then tried googles cache and it says that mine lab changed the site. If it was posted 7 days ago that would put it on the 14th. Seems like minelab released the information then changed their minds lol. I bet google still has a copy of the page some were. i searched on google 4th down waterproof compact minelab metal detector
  3. Ill trade you Chris for that nugget in your avatar.
  4. I dug this nugget at rye patch a few weeks ago. I was wondering what its value is. Its almost 6 sided like a cube. Its weight is 5.5 grams after cleaning.
  5. guess ill wait for the new detector.
  6. The gp3000 is a awesome detector. The depth and sensitivity are the same as the the newer machines. However in very hot ground the 3000 can be noisy. And yes its better than the extreme.
  7. If you got a 15x12 mono commander use that. I found all my rye patch gold with that coil. Its easy to use and slides over shrubs easy.
  8. It doesn't matter what coil you use they will all find the same targets. However a DD lets you filter out some of the iron. If your digging thst much trash in a old gun range you best bet is to find a less trashy area. However digging all targets and digging lots of of targets is the best way to learrn.
  9. Deep trash usually means deeper gold. Stick with the dd coil. Try looking for a area were the trash is shallow and there's clay/bedrock below the trash. Also untill you established that tthere's detectable gold try to ignore the common targets and dig stuff that sounds a little different. BUT its always best to dig everything!
  10. Rye Patch. Put a large solid coil on, get drunk and walk around all day. I love Rye patch. plenty of gold left.
  11. Mix the ctx3030 with the gpx5000, then i upgrade. Its a dream machine.
  12. Very well said. The smal stuff im fine with right now. I would like added depth on large nugs. Its great finding gold but I dont like the idea of digging 14inch deep BB's all day. I dont like digging them right now!
  13. Having used a brand new GPX4500 and a old gp3000 I can say (for me) that there is no difference. Actually the only difference I noticed Is that the 4500 was junk. It broke three different times. Now I use the gp3000. Solid machine, finds everything. I would like to see some useful features in a new machine. I wasn't sold on the 5000. A New GPX needs the basics, LCD screen, water proof, more compact cleaner design. Then add the ability to programming targets (.22 shells) into the machine so the unit can avoid the that type of trash. Also a MUST have is the ability to recognize two targets at once. I would like the LCD to tell me there is a second target under that rusty nail. If the new detector has just a few of those upgrades I might upgrade. After Robert buys one and I test it