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  1. Happy Birthday Rob............ I was born in '48 does that make me young like you.😄
  2. "gold-is-not-where-you-find-it" because you have already found it ?
  3. That haul looks like the finds on Victorian Aus goldfields during the 1980's. Must be plenty of opportunities for gold there mate.?
  4. Great Photos. With all that water may be you should do some panning
  5. Just convert your photo to a PDF file and post the PDF.
  6. Good to see members helping each other and the problem being solved. ✔️
  7. Great photos as usual from NERO . DS you might need to be a member of that forum to see them but i am not sure. Edit Note gold prices are in Aussy dollars ie AUD $100 is US $75 . That is 33% more than USA ....US $100 = AUD $ 133.
  8. Now if it seems like there is no more gold left,I bet if you take a rank beginner out with you, he will do something stupid and find a good lump.?
  9. Forget about the setting and detectors just cover the ground. Cover it casually and spread out wide as the ground will allow. When you have done this , it is then time to ask for help providing you have not found any gold.