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  1. As Land Matters does every new mining year we are offering for download our annual mining claims flow diagrams and written explanations of the annual BLM mining claim filing requirements. These filing aids have helped many claim owners wade through the BLM filing requirements. These popular PDF handouts are updated for the upcoming 2021 mining year (beginning September 1, 2020). Feel free to share and post these wherever you wish as long as you don't modify them and keep them intact with their copyright notices. Reminder The federal filing deadline this year for all mining c
  2. We had FootPrints claims updates in progress in August. Unfortunately my partner passed away unexpectedly before we finished and I've been too overwhelmed with the additional work load to finish the updates yet. I've got another business and I've taken over Leigh's workload at LandMatters as well as the FootPrints service and updates. I hope to have the time to begin updates again before the fall season. I wish I could give you something more definite but I'm still trying to set a workable schedule. You can always send me an email through the FootPrints and check if there is an updat
  3. I saw the same thing Dennis. 3 placer claims and six lode claims filed at the BLM in that section - no sign of a RRPC claim at the BLM. No sign of an RRPC claim at the County Recorder's either. The most recent claim in that section is the B&G recorded in 2015. The club claims there are the Superstition Mountain Treasure Hunters. I've seen some good gold come off those claims. What claim does RRPC say they have there?
  4. The new mining year is approaching fast. Claim owners need to have their BLM mining claims case files updated by August 30 this year. If you are paying the maintenance fee you will need to pony up $165 per lode, millsite or tunnel site claim and $165 per every 20 acres of placer claim you intend to hold. If you are claiming the small miners waiver you need to submit a BLM "MAINTENANCE FEE WAIVER CERTIFICATION" form 3830-2 by August 30. There is no fee for submitting the form but you will be obligated to pay $15 per claim and submit a copy of your recorded affidavit of labor or n
  5. The BLM just raised mining claim location fees to $40. They also raised the annual maintenance fees to $165. That $165 applies to every 20 acres on a placer claim. These new fees take effect on September 1, 2019 at 12:01 a.m. If you have already paid your maintenance fees for the upcoming mining year you will still need to pony up the extra $10 per claim/20 acres. The BLM is saying they will send you a notice if you owe more than you have already paid. If they don't you still need to pay so I wouldn't be waiting around for that letter in the mail, just be prepared to pay up before
  6. Land Matters has begun a new section on their website for new projects in development. The most recent new project is Forest Ownership. This new map tracks Forest Boundaries as well as both surface and subsurface (mineral) ownership on the National Forest System. "Forest Ownership" may sound funny since the common assumption is that all National Forest lands are created equal and are owned by the federal government. Unfortunately it's not really that simple. Land status within the forests varies greatly depending on several factors. We hope by developing this map set individual areas of the
  7. That's sad. Cindy ran a good operation and was really prospector friendly. The Sierra Vista will be missed.
  8. It's that time again. The August 31 deadline to make your required annual mining claims filings is only a month away. As she does every year Ruby has compiled general guidelines and a graphic flow chart to help claim owners understand their annual obligations. If you are confused about the process or just want a refresher review these could help make the process clearer. These are a free download. Feel free to share, distribute or print these out as long as you retain the attribution. General Guidelines Flow Chart Whatever you do don't be late. You will lose
  9. Congrats Rob. Nice find. You finally broke into the 10 ounce club!
  10. Wishing You a Happy Holiday From the folks at Land Matters
  11. The USGS just released their latest Professional Paper 1802 Critical mineral resources of the United Statesā€“Economic and environmental geology and prospects for future supply. This thing is a monster! 862 pages and a 170 Mb download. That is a big download for a lot of people so we shrunk their bloated PDF down to 30 Mb. It's got all the stuff the bigger one does but the graphics are scaled down to web user size. You can download the full 862 page report directly from Land Matters. This huge report is fine in itself but to really understand what's in it we figured a map of all the l
  12. A review Anyone who uses the BLM LR2000 search function knows it can be a challenge to get meaningful results. Often the service is down but you aren't notified of a problem with the system until you go through the whole complex search process to discover there was an "error". Frustrating at times. Well it appears the BLM decided it was time to change the look and feel of the LR2000 search function. They notified users months ago that they were working on an improved version but they caught a lot of people by surprise when they introduced the NEW! IMPROVED! LR2000 on November 1 and shut