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  1. Looking to buy a 3-spoke fiberglass NuggetFinder XP coil. These were the older 16" fiberglass coils. Someone here must have one in their closet they don't use anymore... Please shoot me a PM with a price, shipped to Pearce, Az 85625 Thanks guys... Terry
  2. Hi Guys... Still looking for a nice V-sat detector , hopefully with a 10" DD coil. Anybody got one they don't need any more ? Also looking for an older Nugget Finder 16" XP coil. These are a 3-spoke fiberglass coil with a switch ( XP to Normal).z Please send me a PM if you have either of these for sale. I don't check this site very often. Thanks... Terry in Az
  3. Thanks for the replies you all... I've decided on a GB 2 instead of the v-sat. Any Gold Bugs out there for sale ? Way 2 cool... what have you got w/ the 2 coils ?
  4. Hi Guys... I'm looking for a White's Goldmaster v-sat in very good cond. Prefer DD coil & headphones with it if possible. Price in the $250. range shipped. What's in your closet ? Or, a Fisher Goldbug 2 for around $400. Thanks... Terry
  5. Hi all... I'm cleaning out the closet & want to post these coils here before they go to e-bay. I bought 2 of the 8" x 14" White's Gold Max coils some time back to use on a pair of Goldmaster 3 detectors my girlfriend & I were using. Both are in excellent condition, one is missing the coil cover (about $14.00 I think). Gently used best describes them. I understand they can be used on the Goldmaster 2, GM V-sat, GM-3, GM-4, GMT machines. Definitely more area coverage & depth on larger targets. Sensitivity is very good. Want $150 and $125. each. I will pay
  6. GPX 4500 for sale, bought new from Rob's, has a transferrable warranty & only used a few times. Essentially a new detector ! I bought it from original owner & haven't used it at all. Other interests, so need to sell. So, I am putting an ad here first for a week or so before putting it on E-bay & CL. This is a package that includes everything that came with original GPX pkg from Rob, PLUS : 3 coils, 4 x-tra shafts ,6 DVD's & more ... 12 x 15 Commander mono coil w/shaft 9 x 12 Coiltek Platypus Mono coil w/shaft 5 1/2 x 10 commander DD coil 6 Gold Hu
  7. Brother, you've got gold fever! Hope Megan's a good nurse...
  8. oops, just saw the enlargement with the dime in it. must be 3.5 to 4 oz there. sorry rob!
  9. no reference point here! i'd say 40 grams max. nice haul, Rob. every little one is big when it comes to gold! one of those natural highs... Drifter.
  10. O.K., then, we seem to agree that teensy nuggets are normal finds under the right conditions & that the EMI syndrome warps our hunting. speaking specifically of the GPX series it seems to me that the more sophisticated the minelab programs tend to dealing with magnetism & ground balancing, the worse the EMI's. so we now have a hot rod detector we must frequently de-tune to try & stabilize our threshold in order to find any gold, let alone the elusive, missed nuggets we're after. something's missing here! yes, it's good to learn different tricks to try & stabilize the interferen
  11. guess i should have put a ? after 4500 on the headline of my posting. ADAM, your comments regarding my post are unworthy of any response from me. by the way, your word "setings" is more properly speled with 2-t's. "try to master some of the basics & you may progress." drifter. gogmeister, grampa john & lon, thank you for your advice on tuning out the EMI. i'll print them out & try them all next time out. drifter.
  12. i've moved up slowly over the past five years from goldmaster v-sat, 2100, 2200, 3000, 3500, 4000 & now the 4500. never owned any of these machines new until the 4000, then the 4500. lots of ground covered, lots of trash dug, lots of experience. testing different combinations under different conditions. just now getting to be friends with the 4500. i really like some things about this detector, others i just ignore. nice to have a backlight, also nice to just turn it off. i have a 3 grain test nugget, my first nevada nugget a couple years back. that little nugget is gospel! if i can't get
  13. knock it off you guys, i'm the one & only drifter, my name is terry by birth. i got real lucky with the nuggets Nevada Chris showed you, thats all. you don't see me all over the forums 'cause that's not my way. i just hunt for nuggets like the rest of you, mainly for the pure joy of it, plus camping out with my best friends, the jackrabbits,coyotes, meadowlarks, et al. thank god we have a passion for something real in a bogus world. gold will endure, treasure it! thanks to chris for stepping up to the plate to clear things up. Drifter.