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  1. Due to upcoming move to NC and some health issues, I am selling my drywasher. It is a puffer made by forum member Frank C. called an Old Yeller. In good shape,..riffle cloth still has some life left in it. $50.00 and you pick up in Henderson, NV
  2. Just wanted to pass on thanks and complements to Rob. I ordered a variety of items from his online store late last week. He had everything in stock, items shipped and received already. Rob even threw in a couple nice little goodies. Highly recommend you consider ordering through Rob anything he has listed on the online store. I know through past experience that IF he doesn't have it, he will have it direct shipped from the supplier. Thanks again for the great service Rob! Randy
  3. Hey Paul, 3500 still for sale? The battery (RC?) is that the heavy brick or the newer lithium ion one? Randy
  4. Great finds there Frank. Beautiful point (jasper?). Any idea on age/origin? Glad to see you back on the gold again. Hope that honey-do list stays short for you to be able to swing that coil a little more. Got my partial knee replacement 3 weeks ago. Rehab hurts but is going well. Hope to see you out there when it cools off a little. Thanks for sharing the pics
  5. Holy Moly!!!! Thanks for sharing and wishing continued success in that patch!!
  6. Rob, Thanks for sharing the pics and the story. Tidbits like these can be so helpful to the novice!
  7. Dare I say you're due for a BIG one again???? Congrats
  8. Thanks for all the replies. I'm only 52 and still have the passion of getting out to hunt that elusive yellow stuff. I love the challenge and love the outdoors. I was very concerned about the possibility of not being able to continue detecting. Thanks for your advice on ways to adapt,...yet still make it work!! Hope to see some of you out there when I am mobile enough. I will also make an effort to lurk less and post more. You guys are the greatest. PS: Frank, I am glad that 3500 has worked out so well for you. I hope you get that recent skunk off your back real soon. Randy
  9. Hello all, I have a GPX4000 and have had some success finding up to 12 gram nuggets. I am looking forward to upgrading to a 5000 when I retire later this year. Overdue thanks to Rob for running such a great show here!!! I had knee surgery (stem cell) back at the end of September. Apparently it was unsuccessful. Next option will probably be partial knee replacement. My Question: I am curious how much impact the metal in the knee has on the ability to detect. I wonder if any of you guys might have first hand experience with this one. I really appreciate any responses. Randy
  10. Thanks for the replies. I went out again this past Friday. Almost got back to the SUV and found this about 9 inches down just above a wash, inside bend. About 9 inches down. Frank, your killer nugget from Quartzite got my interest going again. Thanks. These are now 3 of the 4 biggest I've yet found. Gold Basin usually kicks my butt!!! 8.6 Grams total weight. Working on specific gravity test. Randy
  11. Found a couple out at Gold Basin Dec 30th. 2.85 Grams and 1.2 Grams. Been a while carrying that skunk. Hope my luck continues this year!! Randy