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    gpx 5000, dredging, drywashing, looking for virgin placers, tattooing, and helping others

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  1. Trade ya a nf sadie for the goldbug? Its hotter than the joey for sure, you think the gb2 is defective?
  2. Its true everyone always wants to know details (me too lol) but having experienced these kind of finds many times in the past i can appreciate just the photos and knowing someone out there had their due diligence and hard work pay off!! Bet theres several pounds of small gold there as they clear the patch!
  3. Dang u shure worked hard fer that one!! Nice nug, Keep at it!
  4. Looks like you guys are still at it!! Get that gold
  5. Looking for a stapp mining winch 12000# or similar set up doesn't have to be working willing to buy, grub or trade for thanks
  6. Dude that ol scale of yours paid its dues lol ive seen pounds on it....tell Jeff to get outta my sniping hole I already cleaned it out
  7. You da man Rick! I like that patch and cant wait to go back I think there's a pounder out at that spot with your name all over it! Gotta say after I seen that sucker on my phone this morning I'm a jonesin..
  8. Nice to see the success in the field and awesome to get out with Pops!!