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  1. There must be something wrong with mine then, as it can't hit a 5 grammer at 20" in neutral ground. 32 inches? Are you sure that's not a typo? The smallest of the three nuggets must have been well below 2 grams.
  2. Thanks Nv AU Miner for taking the time to post your replies... it's guys like you that make this forum great.
  3. http://www.news10.net/news/article/140600/2/Australian-prospector-Nevada-County-gold-nugget-a-fraud While Gary and I were traveling with Kevin Hoagland across Arizona, Kevin got a call about a massive nugget found on private land. It was quite exciting that big nuggets could still be found.... but now we know it is just fraud
  4. Whoops, I see this has already been posted... Rob please delete.
  5. I'm looking forward to seeing this DVD set, as JP does seem to find the best ways of getting extra performance out of the GPX series.
  6. That makes sense... so I should stick with my 18" Goldstalker and Commander coils... or up it to a round 20" (or 22" or even 25") and go for really big stuff Thanks JP.
  7. I'm hoping to get back to Nevada and Arizona this fall (work and pleasure)... and I want to search an area where larger placer gold has historically been found. I am sure most of the shallow small stuff has gone, so my only chance is hitting something bigger and a lot deeper. I have already tried a 18" Commander with little success. I am considering the Coiltek Goldstalker 24x14, which I would guess has the size to punch deep, while being more sensitive being elliptical rather than round. So what coil would you guys recommend for getting the maximum depth to a 1oz nugget?
  8. I love the GPX's' they are the best for real depth... but when it comes to tiny surface gold, the Gold Bug 2(small coil) will find the tiny stuff invisible to a GPX (i've seen it happen). Other sensitive VLF detectors, for the really small stuff, are the Eureka and X-TERA 705. Out of the Gold Bug, Eureka and the 705, I would choose the 705 because of its all round versatility.
  9. I have been using the Gold Screamer Power pack here in Nevada for the last 10 days, and I have to say I wouldn't go back to Minelab's battery and coiled lead system. This isn't because of the improved boost features or stabler performance, it's because I love the new sense of freedom I'm experiencing. I've always found Minelab's coiled lead very intrusive, the coils tangling (locking together) and impeding my swing.... or when digging a large deep signal, it becomes a real choir to disconnect myself from the detector to allow greater freedom. With the Gold screamer Power pack, I just un-hook the bungee clip and I'm totally disconnected from the detector (which is still switched on.) I did have concerns that the battery pack connected to the detector would make it heavier, but in all honesty I haven't noticed any difference. Well done Doc for a great product! and thanks Rob for getting it to me in good time.
  10. If I found that here in the UK, I would say it was Coke (the coal product, not the drink.)
  11. When I found my Stater hoard, I used a 4000 to find the last 20 odd... because these 5g gold coins were at a depth of down to 14", I could keep the settings very simple... I just used the "Normal" (N) timing and searched in "General" (G) search mode... then upped the RXGain. I used a 16" mono coil, marking all signals with line-marking paint, then checking them with an Explorer SE.... and then dug all the non-ferrous and deep targets the Explorer couldn't reach.
  12. I just tried again using a NF coil and it has made me a liar
  13. Hi Jonathan Have you tried the Coin/Relic timing with a mono coil yet? I just wondered what you think is happening when you do this. Everything seems to quieten down (EM and ground noise) and the machine ground balances instantly... is this something useable on the worse grounds for large nuggets? or is the depth reduction too excessive?
  14. OK then, that's Minelab's site, nothing to do with mlotv.com.... so I'm off the hook
  15. MLOtv is something I'm involved with, so I would be interested in any problems you have... what username did you choose? One thing to note, is you don't need to join MLOtv to view videos.... you just need to if you want to upload your own films, or to add comments or vote on others. MLOtv is independent to Minelab, so any problems are our responsibility NOT MInelab's.