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  1. Is this going to happen Rob, and if so would you like me to mention it on my forum? If so would need a few details to point to. Hope all is well with you and the family!
  2. I am a bit different in that my goal is not to ever have anyone get a detector based on anything I say not proving to be accurate. That makes me cautious in my commentary. I want people getting the right detectors for the right reasons. I have owned a Gold Bug 2 since day one - I literally owned the first one in Alaska. To my mind they represent the pinnacle of small gold performance attainable in low mineral ground. If you are in low mineral ground, have a Gold Bug 2, and can comfortably run it maxed out, I see no compelling reason to run out and get a GM1000. However, I know for a fact
  3. You know, that is really interesting because I will have to get back to you on that. As a GPZ owner I never worried about how deep the GM1000 would find larger gold. My concern was how small was the gold I could detect - how hot is the machine - and how it would handle the ground while being that hot. From my perspective if I am going to chase big nuggets deep I am going to grab my GPZ. I suspect others already have those answers and we will be hearing from them soon. In the meantime I am going to do more on my end to get those answers myself. I can't imagine max depth at 45 kHz would be much
  4. You are the dealer Rob, I am just a test monkey so heck if I know Since you asked though there is this April 7 news release on the Minelab website where it says... Minelab is pleased to announce that the GOLD MONSTER 1000 will be available for purchase worldwide from May 8th, 2017 onwards* And then following the asterisk to the bottom.... *Initial availability may be limited in some regions due to the unexpected high demand. Please contact your local dealer for specific price and availability informati
  5. Hi Guys, been busy! Hope you all are doing great! http://www.minelab.c...rst-impressions
  6. Yeah, sent you a message awhile ago on this Rob - the Racer 2 is HOT! Before you nugget guys go bonkers, yeah, it is very good for that too. But I am talking hot as in overall just tons of great features hot. This one might get me back into spending more time coin and jewelry detecting this year. Well, this and my new XP Deus, once that V4 upgrade hits. Crazy busy year for new detectors, and more to come!!
  7. I had a self created meltdown that took me all day to fix - I think I can finally say that except for a few missing images all under control now. Not the new software's fault per se, but there was a configuration error in the switch over that caused a problem, and the medicine was as bad as the original problem. Still tweaking and twiddling however so who knows. The new stuff is like a toy for me and sometimes I break my toys! I apologize for any difficulty presented by such behavior on my part. In the long run this is going to work MUCH better, especially for people on mobile device
  8. Well, the world did not end here Mike so I do believe it is time. Thanks for paving the way Rob!
  9. Been putting the upgrade off myself until some other brave soul went first. Thanks Rob, will be good to see the reaction.
  10. If I seem cautious it is because even though I am one of the guys reporting on the Makro Gold Racer I just don't put a lot of store personally in reports from one or two people. For a machine to really prove itself it has to get out in the hands of a lot of people under widely varying conditions over time for that final thumbs up to happen. So while I am convinced that this is a very good detector for me personally it is just too soon to say how it will play out overall. Compared to the GMT and Gold Bug 2 this is a machine with a multitude of features that have never been attempted in a high f
  11. Hi Doug, Well, I do not recall recommending the Gold Racer anywhere per se though I did write up an extensive review of it and am using it myself. It is a very hot VLF and that cuts two ways. Great on tiny gold but in hot ground and hot rocks that can be another thing. Some places a PI is just a better choice. If I ever recommend anything at all it is that a person have both a good PI and a good VLF to round out a prospecting kit. Best wishes to you however and hope it scores you some nice gold!
  12. The Gold Racer is now available for pre-order. Makro will start shipping to dealers early January in the same order the orders are received. PACKAGE CONTENTS Standard Package - MSRP: $699 GR26 - DD Search Coil - 26cm x 14cm (10'' x 5.5") Headphones 4 x AA Alkaline Batteries Pro Package - MSRP: $899 GR26 - DD Search Coil - 26cm x 14cm (10'' x 5.5") GR13 - DD Search Coil - 13cm (5") Headphones AC & Car Charger, 4 x AA Rechargeable Batteries Carrying Bag Rain Covers Extra Lower Shaft OPTIONAL SEARCH COILS AND ACCESSORIES GR40 - DD Search Coil - 40cm x 33.5cm (15.5'' x 13'') GR26C - Co