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  1. Hello... Selling my gear....would consider selling GPZ separate from the GB Pro. $6399 includes all.....I live in Tucson, AZ....willing to ship....NEGOTIABLE....MAKE ME AN OFFER THAT I CAN'T REFUSE....)) 1.) GPZ 7000...No issues with detector. All in good working order. 2.) GoldBug Pro. Hardly used....4 and 6 inch coils with a 6 inch skid plate. 3.) Koss and Jolly Roger headphones. 4.) Army green GPZ 7000 coverings...(see picture). 5.) Large Minelab detector bag. 6.) Minelab pin-pointer. 7.) Extra battery, plus all original electronics. 8.) Swing Pro Arm and assembly. 9.) Original harness assembly. 10.)Green ML scoop.
  2. G'day all, I'll be visiting the Gold Basin area for the first time soon...have a few questions for those members that know the area. 1.) Are there any hotels/motels close to the area? 2.) Restaurants....fuel? 3.) Camping allowed? Open to any feedback regarding metal detecting in the area. Would be great to detect with someone for a day if anyone is interested. I belong to a number of clubs and have a private claim near Wickenburg....so open to sharing as well. Cheers, Will