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  1. Has been a while...only been out 3 times this season. But, did find a new area yesterday that gave me this nice 1 gram nugget. It was only about 4 inches deep on the bedrock. LOTS more tribs and washes to hunt in this area. The .1 gram came from an old area close to the new area. Tom
  2. Cool finds! Were they all in the same area? Tom H.
  3. Thats a great story! Congrats on finding a new area. Tom H.
  4. Was able to take advantage of a cooler day and got back into Truck wash with the gold monster. Have hit the area pretty hard with the 5000 and thought I would go crumb chasing today. Got 4 at .3 gram. 3 out of the washes and one from the hillside. Did some scraping on the hill side but no more. This place is infested with iron stone from 1/8" to 10". Had to go into disc some times just to try and keep it half way quite. It was just good to get out finally, but boy, I can tell I have not been detecting in a while. Will probably feel it even more tomorrow! There were a lot of these
  5. Ok...so the door and data plate are from a Sperry Ball turret gun on either a B-17 or B-24 Bomber from WW2. Dont know how it got out there. You can see how the data plate shows how to load the twin 50 cal. machine gun belts. Tom H.
  6. It happens whether we like it or not! This one is 32 yrs apart. My wife and I in front. Dad holding my daughter and my sister last Christmas. Tom H.
  7. I decided to post this! Have not been out much this year due to health issues....but.... Along with finding gold detecting, I do find other treasures out in the Az. desert. A 350 dollar Garmin that I use all the time now, old flip phone, lots of mining relics (usually dug up) A rectangular steel door with latches on it and a data plate that was riveted to it at one time. Even found part of a human skull and had to take Peoria detectives back to the spot to investigate. 6 Mon. later they said they were able to ID the person.....hopefully it gave some body closure on their missing loved one. Any
  8. WOW!!! You sure did get blessed with those. WTG on getting them. Congrats. Tom H.
  9. Hey all: Looking for some advice on walkie talkies. Was out hunting this weekend with Luke and we were suppose to meet at a certain spot at 1. Well 1 came and went and about 1:30 we found each other. My fault. The spot we were suppose to meet at was on the other side of the big hill! Needless to say, all sorts of things start going through your head....both our heads! Broken leg, broken hip, heart attack....... So, we are looking at getting some walkie talkies. What I would like to know is........... Do all of them not work (like the ones we have) when your down in washes and
  10. Nice Nugget Rob! WTG. Talk in grams for us newbies Little buffing and that knife will be good as new. Tom H.
  11. WTG on keeping at it and FINALLY finding some gold. Hope it works into bigger things in that area. Tom H.
  12. WTG Rob....nice nuggets also. Man, those old timers moved some rock! Too bad its full of lead also. Tom H.