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  1. If you are going to try and glue it, scuff up small areas on the shaft with sandpaper and see which glue with stick and which ones do not. If you knew what type of plastic it is that would be a lot easier to figure out. Scratch the glue with a razor to see if it "melted" into the plastic or not. I do know you cannot glue LDPE, but I doubt the shaft is made out of that. Most likely HDPE. That does look like a weak point though. Should have put some more solid plastic in the production of it. Couple more grams of plastic would not matter when your swinging a brick anyway I have broken handles on the GPX and they do not glue together. Got a carbon fiber one from my buddy and you can run it over with a truck and it wont break Just and idea.....when you get the new one...smear a bunch of JB weld in the webbed areas on the side to give it more strength. Just make sure JB weld does not react with the coil. Tom H.
  2. I just saw this topic. You have to look through what this guy is doing......hes making money ever time someone clicks on his video. I think that is why there are so many fake ones out there. Or they put "click bait" on a video....usually a hot looking girl so guys will click into it. Tom H.
  3. Sunbakers are the best! Dad found on on accident when he was turning around to go back up a wash....detector lit up and he looked down and saw it. I have found small ones. That first one is NICE! Tom H.
  4. Your a monster! WTG. I went up one wash last year at this time and drank my 3 liter backpack dry. Like you say, you just sweat it all out and cant get cool. Nice finds. Tom H.
  5. Well, you could always up load a lower resolution and see how long it takes. You can always take it down later. Tom H.
  6. Nice score! I wont use any other coil but a NF. Really like them. Tom H.
  7. Is it in the rock or just on the surface? It might be lead spatter from bullets. Tom H.
  8. Hermit picks are the best! I used mine for years and the handle never got loose once. Finally had to get another one as I wore the blade out. Tom H.
  9. Wow! Thats great for those guys. Missed it by 2 feet, I wonder how many I have missed by a couple of inches of depth. Tom H.
  10. Try some pool acid diluted down. IE Hydrochloric acid .......as you know dont stick your fingers in it or eat it I would try a very mild solution of this and see how it comes out. Put it in for a little while and scrub it with a tooth brush until you get what your looking for. DONT leave it in over night or you might just have some cool little gold nuggets left. Tom H.
  11. My thought is it would look pretty cool with a silver ribbon on the outside of it after it is cleaned up a little to show the gold/quartz in the middle. But you will have to get a person that knows how to do that kind of stuff with out destroying it. Tom H.