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    Just a short drive from Randsburg and Red Mountain
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    Born and raised in the copper camp of Ely Nevada. Been involved all my life in various aspects of Mining, Milling and Prospecting. Successful small mining consultant from 1957-1982. Over the past 35 years have been writing and publishing books and also gold specific field tester for the Silver & Gold and Eastern and Western Treasures until
    osteoarthritis got me.

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  1. jim straight

    Happy Birthday

    Well lets play the numbers game.... 44? 67? How about 76+10=86 last January? 86 is a kid if you are a redwood tree -: Happy Belated Birthday Rob. You too Grubstake (PS Grubstake if you wakeup w/o hurting you know you passed away in the night and are in Detector Heaven... )
  2. jim straight

    Some pictures...

    Ray great photos... I do not know how to access my face book to reply to your Birthday so I do it here,Happy Birthday Ray.... jim
  3. Well I was able to attend Pomona from 10 to 1:15 on Saturday. Bill Southern and Kevin Hogland combined their individual half-hour programs from 10:30 to 11:30 and together they smoothly captivated the those in attendance, WOW it was truly A+. Before their program I had time to drop off a box of books to John Jones of JOBE and another package of assorted Acton Manuals to the PLP Booth.... Then from 11:30 to 1:15 it was rush-rush to see most of the booths such as ''the gold lady," Valley Prospectors(which I'm a member of), and various GPAA chapters (At the Highland chapter there was a tray of butterscotch balls that I could not resist!). Then it was nearly time to leave and we stopped off at the ICMJ booth to banter with Chris Ralph and his dad. Unfortunately his program was at 2:00. After a quick pit-stop we were out the door by 1:15 and Mike returned me to my home and rushed out to work at 2:00 PM as a aerospace engineer for Boeing... jim
  4. Well Mike Lucas is my ride and we will be there on Saturday... Hope all of you who have visited this thread and are going have a Great Time.... jim
  5. come on; don't be shy as the Pomona show is popular with the local folks and if they attend, they will updated with local information on various facets of information that lead to being more successful in whatever subjects that you are either interested in or wishing to become your specialty... The speakers are quite selection, such as notable author and successful White's dealer, James McCullouch; or associate editor Chris Ralph and Bill Southern of Nugget Hunter's forum, and about 10 others. Plus there will dealers who only have a booth at local shows such as Pomona
  6. jim straight

    Update on our friend, Jim Straight

    Well what can I say; but here I still be at 85. Father Time may no longer on my side but I slog on as best I can with my eyes front and forward ... Good O'l Dan Taylor. He is a true friend... Bless him.... jim
  7. Tom... I could not say it better, so I second your post... But unfortunately my late wife did not beat her cancer.
  8. Could someone post the latest info on the Pomona Show? Thanks... jim