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    Ken's Monster

    The name of the nugget is the SDF birthday nugget; number 55 I recall. Bryan, it was very near the area where you dug 2 nuggets and I found one a couple of days prior. No new push. Nothing beats luck. kp
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    Hey ken P.

    Just got in from Moore Creek and am leaving right away to commercial fish for salmon with my 90 year-old father and kid brother (60 yrs). My hunting buddy SDF promises a detailed report on our trip and the big find with plenty of photos on this forum by tomorrow night. He saw me digging a deep hole (25") and helped dig and recover the nugget. I have been in shock for the past week. I am a relative novice (1.5 yrs) and to make a find like this is unbelievable. By the way Steve and Keith each had about 10 oz for the two week. They are expert detectorists as well as Rusty from Tuscon who was there the second week. I haven't downloaded the photos and am running out of time so check out SDRs report tomorrow night. If anybody has any ideas on how to sell this nugget please let me know. This sure helps justify my prospecting expenses with Mary. kp
  3. Just spent a wonderful week in London with Steve's girlfriend and credit card. Too bad more of you didn't send money as we could have lived a little higher on the hog. Now what really happened is that I provided information to what I thought was a Yahoo security request and my e-mail account was hacked. They sent out the request for help to all in my address book. I made a dumb mistake and learned a painful lesson. As far as I know everybody was smarter than me and didn't send money.
  4. By way of background, I am a snowbird from Alaska and a relative novice at the detecting game. We are working our way south to Arizona and stopped in Sacramento to visit my wife's sister. I wanted to do some detecting and through lurking on the forums had read lots about the legendary nuggethunter "Grubstake". I sent him a pm and he said come on up and we would go hunting. What a great guy. If anything he is a nicer person than detectorist and that is saying something. He took my out on a short hunt and showed me some public land that I could hunt on. He is also one tough guy. Despite some health issues he still gets out and enjoys the outdoors. Thank you Grubstake and I hope you do great this weekend hunting with your uncle. Ken Pitcher