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  1. Check it out.
  2. Hell the eastern side of Trinity Lake before it was dammed. That would have been nice.
  3. Well... California and Oregon aren't to nice to members. As soon as I joined dredging was banned. People wont pay or join when BLM and everyone else sees it as an almost criminal act.
  4. Earthquakes... Fine.. Rattlesnakes.. They let ya know when your close don't really bother me..... Brown snakes on the other hand....... No thank you... Funnelwebs.. Nah. Don't want that either.
  5. Does it taste salty? lol.. Just kidding.
  7. Hey.. I saw this a month back. Just completed Physical Geology and aced it. Check it out Roo and Ray! Lol Daniel
  8. Looks like Taiwan has some good stuff.