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  1. Saw this earlier, doesn’t sound right. You are supposed to look at what you shoot at. I realize this does happen but a person does not look like a deer. And he shot her from 200 yards with a hand gun??
  2. Great haul Glenn, and I remember the way you like to take off by yourself and explore (Ganes Creek). Paid off this time, Bob
  3. I don't often laugh when reading these forums, but Jen did it to me
  4. Great piece Roo, thanks for photo. Gold in nice white quartz is the best, Bob
  5. Good luck to you Grubstake, you deserve it. I cannot get to my claims yet, still too darn much snow. Probably won't be able to start dredging for another month with the high water. Always like to get to the claims and poke around a bit, been a long winter. Bob
  6. Matt, I don't remember the exact amount in that pic, about a pound I believe. Grubstake, that mistake nugget is quite nice. You be careful, take care. Nice rough gold from Allen also.Hope all of you have a great summer, Bob
  7. OK Matt, you have some real rough gold there, nice. Grubstake has some pink gold , must be strange lighting. here is a bit I gathered, Bob
  8. Very good Rob, like Eldorado says, How much does a heaping cup of gold weigh?? Probably 10 troy pounds---looks like a normal size cup. May have to weigh it a bit at a time, Bob
  9. Thanks Gaine, I loaded Chrome and so far like it. Firefox has been driving me crazy lately. Hope all is well in Hawaii, Take care, Bob