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  1. Not to take away from anyone's money making business, but I just found this site that maybe helpful> http://thediggings.com/
  2. If you can't find anywhere to detect, you can always go to lake Davis and go trout fishing.
  3. Has anyone compared the 14" Coiltek Elite to the 14" Nugget Finder Advantage?
  4. I know a friend of mine that has a nokta and a gpz 7000. He is going over old patches first with the nokta and is getting some small ones and nothing with the 7000 after! The nokta is a good machine! Just what I observed.
  5. That was an impressing video for size and depth. It is even more impressing to watch someone fill in their holes after digging them.
  6. I think that would be a great thing to do. People don't know if the 7000 is worth spending that kind of money on, this way they could be convinced one way or the other. Too bad I live too far away to attend.
  7. It looks like clam fossils to me. Here is a link to look at different types of clams: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=clam+fossils&qpvt=clam+fossils&qpvt=clam+fossils&FORM=IGRE
  8. Hey Steve, Nice piece! You should go and try to break that cemented channel and get the piece I left at sawtooth while you are in the neighborhood. Go find another one. Maybe we will run into each other some time. Joe
  9. Hey Mike, I started when I was 7 years old when I went to Notts Berry Farm to pan for gold in a trough, got some color that was put in a vile "still got it " and was hooked on gold prospecting ever since. I got married the same year you got divorced and after 1 week of being married a friend approached me to go to Australia,( I have a very understanding Wife) I was down there for a month, but whites metal detectors at the time didn't work in the soil there so I never found any gold. Been 1000 ft down in a shaft went dredging sluicing cracking rocks and now at 64 only pan and detect for gol
  10. That's what I told him! Its might be a coil issue or a loose connection somewhere. Thanks for the response. Keep finding those nugs.
  11. Hey Guys, I just ran in to a person with a sdc2300 today and he was complaining about his detector going off when he hit or touched a green or wet bush. He was thinking about sending it in to Minelab to have them look at it. Wondering if you guys had any thing like that happen with yours? Good going on the backpack gold!
  12. A friend of mine here in Ca. got a SDC2300 and only had a DD214 and minelab accepted it!
  13. That Specimen needs to be in a Museum, It is a beautiful piece!