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  1. F.Y.I. AD Posted Oct. 31st, Question Oct31 where are you located ? Answered NOV. 10th to me in a P.M. here San Antonio Tx.
  2. Up for sale as new cond. Cover included heres pics of it all.$350.00 picked up or will ship if necessary, call or message me here.928 303 8474
  3. Rob got any used 5 pin cradles for the doc's system ? My wifes has lost the 2 lil tabs that hold the battery in place.
  4. I think they graduated to the "classifieds" and added photos now !
  5. frank c

    Lode claim & nuggets??

    Congrats you did it !
  6. frank c

    Hearing the frequency

    Get yourself a pair of Blackwidows, I have used them on the 2100 2200 3000 3500 and now on my 4500. Also used em on VLF's and they WILL change the game for you. They come up used at times on various classifieds ads also. And as Fred suggested play with the tone adjustment to find an "acceptable" sound for yourself.
  7. frank c

    Hearing the frequency

    I can't answer your Q about output frequency from the detector however someone most likely will or you can research it. Try looking thru the owners manual back pages for Specifications list it may be there. BUT I can give you some insight on hearing, I recommend you investigate "Black Widow" Headphones 150 ohms. Made by Detector Pro, I believe Rob here who runs this forum carries them. I started using them many years ago with the GP and GPX series detectors. Amazing difference for the hearing impaired.
  8. Interesting story. Definitely not the 1st death out there I'm sure. I was witness to 2 other deaths in the Basin area over the past 12 years. Northwest Az. can be a very inhospitable place. And then , there are times when it seems a bit like heaven.
  9. BUMP............... COIL AND COVER REDUCED TO $100.00 AS OF 5/12/18
  10. Congrats !!! Yer right Rob, I'm hoping to get a few days in this week as the temps are supposed to be tumbling for a lil while. Hapy Huntn.
  11. BUMP ===== BUMPO.K. Uncle Marvin sez get this Meteorite Coil to a new owner Lower the price to $100.00 . Brand new never used, cover included. $100..Reply or P.M. here.