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  1. Dedication to the hobby! You have it big time Rob. Congrats to you both. Mike
  2. Grubstake Sorry for your family loss and she will be in my prayer. Mike
  3. Hello Rob You had a good day there. What is the little round ball at the top of the copper side and is it magnetic?I have found quite a few of them mostly at GB. Mike
  4. Hello Rob Sounds like a success and anyone you call a friend is a very lucky person.You are a class act to say the least! Mike
  5. That's what it was Rob and A 14x9 coiltec Blitz and it's working good allthough it's on a little R&R right now.I'm going to try to make the LSD trip that Tom H invited me on March 1-3 won' stay all 3 days for that is my anniversary weekend 42 years. Mike
  6. Hey Tom Those jump batts are the ticket I have three of em and one of em is 10 years old just keep em full charge. Mike
  7. I have the original camo back pack that my 2100 came with and a monster cord and a new 6 volt battery. Rob helped me hotrod my machine a year ago with the gold screamer and the best coil out at that time.My gold take had been sluffing off on the old patches but I knew it was still there.The next 2 days I hit my favorite patch and paid for the mods plus some. Hope someone out there has a real need for these items they're in excellent condition. Mike
  8. Wow Unc, That is a beaut!!! One of my life goals before they pack cotton in my ass is to join the one ounce club and I guess I can add the zipper club to that.Congratulations Ron and keep em coming. Mike
  9. Hi Rob,Tuesday I got released from the surgen and I can drive now and lift 20 lbs.Thanks for the kind words I apreciate them.I will call your cell and we'll catch up. Many Thanks Mike
  10. Hey Tom, Tell me more pm me sounds good and would enjoy meeting you all. Thanks Mike