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  1. nevada brian

    Coiltek Elite 9ā€

    thank you.
  2. I see that Coiltek is coming out with a round 9ā€ Elite! I need a small coil for my gpx and Iā€™m excited to know when this coil will be available in the USA. Any information yet Rob? Brian.
  3. Hi All, has anyone successfully extracted gps data from the GPZ not using the Xchange2 software and willing to share the steps? Thanks, Brian.
  4. nevada brian

    Warble walking

    Nice job Tom! Low and slow, but its so difficult to do.
  5. nevada brian

    Little stringer gold

    Pretty piece!
  6. Congratulations, that is a special nugget! Brian.
  7. nevada brian

    DESERT GOLD Part 2

    Excellent story and finds, congratulations! Brian.
  8. Congratulations! Yes its amazing how the GPZ finds both shallow and deep gold with just one coil! Persistence pays off. Brian.
  9. nevada brian


    Its fun to chase the bedrock, especially when your rewarded!
  10. nevada brian


    Congratulations! How deep is it to bedrock? Brian.
  11. Hi Rob, any news on further updates for the GPZ or Minelab fixing the Xchange software so its compatible with our GPZ's? Thanks, Brian.
  12. Thank you Rob, I appreciate your comments.
  13. Great gold finds, Congratulations! Question: with hopes of finding deep gold, did you employ gold modes General or Extra Deep? I'm still a newbie with the 7000, but always like to hear from experienced prospectors. Brian.
  14. Great going fellas. Rob, i like your idea of the carabiner for holding the ferrite ring. I will have to try that. Brian