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  1. Hi All, do you have a Detech 15" Ultimate Spiral DD coil that you want to sell? I'm looking for one in good condition to use on my 5000. Please pm me if you have one to sell. Thank you, Brian.
  2. Very nice finds indeed, congratulations! Brian.
  3. Love the desert in the spring, nice finds. A spider that flies, no thank you! Brian.
  4. Went out last weekend to a new spot in the Nevada Desert where the old timers dug out a drainage. Well, over the years, the banks have eroded and I must have been the first lucky fellow to swing the 7000 over it and wham! First nugget was down about 8 inches and weighed in at 1 dwt. Second nugget was down 11" and weighed in at 5.9 dwt and the third was 1/4 dwt and was down about 4". I was using very conservative settings, probably to conservative. My next visit I will increase the sensitivity while keeping a steady threshold. These are the settings i was using; HY/Normal, Sensitivity 11, Volume 8, Threshold 29, Volume Limit 12, Semi Auto, and Locate Patch. Most of the gold in this area has been really small, and I found that using Locate Patch made the small shallow gold really sound off. Brian.
  5. Wow, your having a great year. My yearly goal is 1 oz and I just hit the 1/2 oz mark, thanks to a 6 dwt nugget Congratulations, Brian.
  6. Interesting, just out of curiosity, why would they need to be changed? Brian.
  7. Congratulations IFINDGOLD, pretty nuggets. That SDC sure is a great machine. Brian.
  8. I see that Coiltek is coming out with a round 9ā€ Elite! I need a small coil for my gpx and Iā€™m excited to know when this coil will be available in the USA. Any information yet Rob? Brian.
  9. Hi All, has anyone successfully extracted gps data from the GPZ not using the Xchange2 software and willing to share the steps? Thanks, Brian.
  10. Nice job Tom! Low and slow, but its so difficult to do.