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  1. Could be I met him while he was living in Roseville, I saw him selling in the same flea market a few times. I was a flea mkt dealer back then.
  2. I think I met him at a flea market in Sacto yrs ago, he and I hit it off due to talking about gold mining and detecting, I remember later he called me and talked my ear off about gold detecting for long time. Cool Guy!
  3. I find that wet soil in alkali ground is horrible to detect in, near impossible.
  4. Very nice finds. Due to the depth of the gold left in most the patches, I do believe these sound enhancers are of major value. Anything to get you down to the layer no one has detected before.
  5. Speed is bad for tire failures out there, as well as the wrong tires, some in our group have had tire failures, due to inadequate tire specs, load range B tires do not cut it at all out there, despite looking like a great offroad tire, they aren't, personally I won't run anything but 8 ply tires with 3 ply sidewalls, the tacoma doesn't like 10 ply, a lot of the tire failures are from sidewall cuts, the tires with 3 ply sidewalls are much heavier tires at around 50 lbs per tire versus 35 lbs or so for a lesser tire, but havn't affected my mpg, I run BFG TA/KO's, usa made, the only other option I know of usa mfg is General X3 tires they are three ply sidewalls and usa mfg, china mfg tires are also responsible for a lot of tire failures. You get what you pay for in tires. You can pay now or pay later.
  6. Yes, I agree get the 6x3 coil and use it for most nugget hunting.
  7. I know those are well earned nuggets if from the Rye Patch area, it takes some real hard work out there to come up with nuggets. Congratulations!
  8. I havn't found my settings to be much different with the Evo Coil than with my original equipment coils on my gpx4500. They tend to not work as well in wet ground so keep a few oe coils along for the ride.
  9. Personally if I could move to Nevada (wife doesn't like the desert) I would choose Fernley, its situated close enough to Sparks and big city stuff, yet its close to the gold fields above Lovelock, weather wintertime is a bit better in Fernley than Lovelock to Winemucca, brrrrr. -10 below sometime winters.
  10. I am real happy with the deal on the gpx4500, it was just as described by Rob mint as new condition, Busy now tailoring sub settings on the three different modes to my hunt areas, will fine tune once on the sites.
  11. Verizon rules here in Calif as well, and I have no trouble with Verizon in Nevada at Rye Patch, Eugenes, etc.
  12. Just recently found a 1/2 gram nugget with the new coiltek elite 14" mono, using my 4000 gpx, depth about 4" in red soil. This coil misses very little.
  13. What is the price on the new Coiltek 11" mono Elite? When will you get them in stock?