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  1. Thanks if you are getting gold with that steel phase...great... your explanation makes sense to me. I was just curious thanks fred
  2. But look at the money you saved. For a day! teasing..... Doc what is the name, etc of the place that made your trailer? fred
  3. You ask this everywhere...what answer will suit? The distance is determined by tuning and interference and detector types...there is no set distance. Generally two or three Pi or GPZ machines can work within 50 feet (approximately)… I want my forty acres and leave me alone! fred
  4. You need to kick Bunk in his Burro...tell him to get to work!!! I have his biggest pick- way too much for me these days because I don't move dry-wash piles like I once did. I have the original middle size that I cannot wear-out even though it is years old. If you carry them on your belt you better be careful.... fred
  5. Thanks Doc...yes, I got the is going in the trailer for my wife...thanks Glad all is well, enjoy the kidlets. As you know they just insist on growing up and often away.... best wishes fred
  6. Thanks, Rob I was concerned because....we are getting older. fred
  7. Round will give you more depth than elliptical….if you have the room to swing an 18 inch round if you want a bigger coil... Apparently there are some excellent new coils available for the Minelab Pi series.. good luck.
  8. I haven't seen Doc on any of the forums for a long while. I hope he is ok. Or, maybe he has become anti-social...since he can't/won't receive messages... best wishes to Doc fred
  9. The Prospectors Club Of Southern California Check for info on-line....they have many claims and loads of members fred
  10. What a life he had! He was an inspiration to me and many others! Good prospecting in Heaven awaits! fred
  11. Unfortunately, that is the way of it in many gold areas. Don't go out to the first 3 or 4 miles of the Dale like I did years ago...pounds of lead-no gold! I used to work through junk areas but I am picky about doing that work these days... Montana Bob had a method for dealing with some of that but not when the ground is covered in junk. fred
  12. Great write-up, Doc; now you need to get people to read and follow the directions... thank you for your never ending efforts to assist newbies and not-so-newbies alike. fred