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  1. I always thought that my detector ran better on damp ground. I run a VLF and it might be different with a PI. I hate soggy wet ground especially when it fills up with water all the time. Old Tom
  2. Mr. Dash, you are just too much. I love to watch you work but in the dark that is kind of tough. Maybe we can all get out together sometime, the outing would be great. Old Tom
  3. Gary, Did you ever have the exhaust pointed at you when you were vacuuming the bedrock? It stings a little doesn't it. I wonder just how much of that sting is gold particles. Old Tom
  4. Man that is really cool. Just how big is it, not too heavy to hang around your neck I hope. Maybe cut it in half and have two hangers. Old Tom
  5. You can see the gentleness and kindness in his eyes. One of the good old Boys. 'He's' got your back now bro, RIP. Old Tom
  6. I never met Jim but feel rather close in fellowship with Christ. The world has lost another great soul. I hope we can carry on in his example. You will be missed Brother. Old Tom
  7. I want to thank each and every one of you guys for you prayers and good vibes. They were indeed felt at the time of need. This was a rough one for me as I had no inclination just what was going on. I put it off too long trying to get the family Easter Celebration going. Finally called in the paramedics in and they got me to the hospital. Extreme pain and couldn't breathe. Lungs full of blood clots and wouldn't let oxygenated blood flow through lungs. Clots came from an operation that I had two weeks prior. Had me on a heparin drip for three days and that took most of the pain away and now I have to be on Eliquis the rest of the way, no more blood thinners or aspirin. Life feels good again and I thank God for my 'Return to Life'. Old Guys, Don't try to go too far after feeling something go awry. Get it checked on most times Medicare will take care of it. That's what you worked an paid for your whole life. A very grateful 'OLD TOM'
  8. Thanks Rob for the fast shipping on my coil. I didn't realize that U.S. Mail delivered on Sunday. Doorbell rang and there it was. Old Tom
  9. Rob You know that I'll be uplifting your father to the Lord in prayer daily. He (your father) has been in this situation before and the Lord has seen fit to restore him to the family. Keep your faith and know that all who hear this will be in intercession for him. Old Tom
  10. Man, that's the kind of math that I like. No fuss no muss. Old Tom
  11. Ha Frank, you got a ways to go Bro. I hope everyone's coming year is a golden and safe one for them. Old Tom
  12. Good going Chris. Only stay out of the hospital Bro. 🙂 Old Tom