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  1. Have a good one today Rob. Slow down a little and live a little. There is always time to do tomorrow just what you didn't do today, love your family. Old Tom
  2. Justin, just what the hell are you doing digging with your detector. I've got an extra pick that you can have. That might save some wear and tear on your beeper bro. Glad that you had the wherewithal to fix it and not trash it. Any finds lately? Old Tom
  3. I know what it's from, do I count? Old Tom
  4. Way to go Rob, it never gets tiresome, does it? Old Tom
  5. It's nice to see a chunker come out. They are getting rarer every day. Good on ya bro. Old Tom
  6. Attaboy bro, obey them orders to distance yourself and get more gold. What a dilemma. Old Tom
  7. Wow, good on ya bro. Get out more an let us know just how you are doing. Old Tom
  8. Big Snoopy, still some around. Old Tom
  9. Congratulations, he's a fatty alright. More to come if you remain persistent. Old Tom
  10. Not many being found like that as of late. But they are still around if you get out there and work for it. Old Tom
  11. Been a while since we got a handful like that. Keep it up and you'll be a rich man. Old Tom
  12. I always thought that my detector ran better on damp ground. I run a VLF and it might be different with a PI. I hate soggy wet ground especially when it fills up with water all the time. Old Tom
  13. Mr. Dash, you are just too much. I love to watch you work but in the dark that is kind of tough. Maybe we can all get out together sometime, the outing would be great. Old Tom
  14. Gary, Did you ever have the exhaust pointed at you when you were vacuuming the bedrock? It stings a little doesn't it. I wonder just how much of that sting is gold particles. Old Tom
  15. Man that is really cool. Just how big is it, not too heavy to hang around your neck I hope. Maybe cut it in half and have two hangers. Old Tom
  16. You can see the gentleness and kindness in his eyes. One of the good old Boys. 'He's' got your back now bro, RIP. Old Tom
  17. I never met Jim but feel rather close in fellowship with Christ. The world has lost another great soul. I hope we can carry on in his example. You will be missed Brother. Old Tom