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  1. A lot of different stories, and ads coming from Whites. Some say identical to MJ. Others say it's a Dual Field. If it performs like the MJ, I'm good, I've got one. Jim
  2. I'd bet that 8 x 14 Hi-Q DF is going to be a great tool for prospectors. I'm sure, at some point, they'll start selling it alone. Jim
  3. I saw an ad that said the coil offered with the camo version is an 8 x 14 Dual Field. Also, Whites said the coil was patented. The folded mono is not patented. Jim
  4. No way would I suggest NOT getting the training. if it were available close to here, I'd have Heidi trained too. I keep her rattler immunity shots up to date, too. I can't imagine living in a place that has that many. A dog is too important a part of my life. We have western rattlers here....not near as nasty as yours, and and mostly out on the desert, so they can be easily avoided by not going out there from May 1 to November 1. I've thought of going out and getting one to train Heidi myself, but avoiding them is easier. Not much gold out there anyway, other than stage robbery loot....LOL
  5. I don't know, Ron. A vet awhile back said that 50% of the rattler-bitten dogs he saw had had the exposure training. The problem is the dog runs around, and gets too close and is bitten before the snake has a chance to rattle. Personally, I rarely take Heidi into snake country when they are active. Gold isn't worth the risk IMHO. Jim
  6. Got a nice GMT I've owned since new. Looking for a TM808, or maybe a Discovery TF900. Jim
  7. For prospecting and sampling I use my patented 18" Sweep Jig. Very quiet, and recovers even flour gold, wet or dry. And, no dust when used dry. sweep jig at Bonanza Bar Dry operation, in search of pyrite crystal here: SJ at the Peg Leg Jim
  8. Hey you southern guys. I'm surprised the snakes show up so late. I was down in southern Nevada this winter, and figured once it hit 60 in the afternoon I couldn't let the dog run around loose. In your experience down there, when is the earliest you usually start seeing rattlers? I don't worry about myself so much, but would hate to have Heidi bitten. Our rattlers up here in southern Idaho are tame compared to the western diamondbacks down there. Jim
  9. Hey Chuck, I appreciate the info. I've heard good things about the Sadie on the SL, which is what I want it for. It's good to hear confirmation of those opinions. Jim
  10. Thanks, Rob, Sent you a message through the store. Jim
  11. Many thanks! I didn't word my question very well. I knew I could run them, but was concerned about the plug matchup. I'm thinking of an 8 x 6 Sadie mono coil. I wasn't sure I could find one made for the TDI series, but if I did find one made for MineLab, on the used market, I wanted to be sure it was just plug and play. The physical connection differences I can easily handle. Jim
  12. Will coils made for MineLab plug directly into a White's TDI series detector? I know the mounting dimensions are a bit different. Jim