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  1. Great video Rob !!
  2. Continuing to send prayers and hope for your Dad ! Prayers as well for you Rob ,and your Family in this tough time of unknowingness ! God Bless.
  3. one4gold

    Arizona Gold for Today

    Nice yellow Rob !
  4. My thoughts , but I must add this to help others out. All previous posts here are correct, I would also like to add that for any members here or friends of members that do any type(s) of welding and others UV procedures! Those procedures do the same things , and maybe much faster than exposure to just sun. Protect yourselves friends.
  5. Glad you and the family had a Great time Rob ! You deserve it friend !!
  6. Rob do you think an sdc would have found it at that depth ?( On first video) Just curious .
  7. Very cool picture , thanks for the share. Awesome looking Gold !!
  8. one4gold

    Rob, hows your Dad Doing?

    Glad to hear your Dads doing well per your update Rob ! Thanks.
  9. Happy Birthday Shep !
  10. Continued Prayers for you Rob, and your Family ! Sorry to hear of Peggy's passing. Happy your Father is doing much better ! Hang in there my Friend, the Lord will guide you to better times.
  11. Sending prayers for your Mother in law Peggy. May the Lord embrace her and make her well and put her on the road for fast recovery. Please Bless as well, all the Family members to help them cope and find strength during these tough times. Prayers for your Father as well , Rob ! -Ralph Lowrey