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  1. SDC sure picks out some good gold!! Way to go on putting your coil in the right direction.🤩
  2. Very sad thing to loose a good one so soon. I was really hoping it would end better than it did while the search was on going. Any word on what went wrong or any info that might help others in the extreme environmental conditions we chase gold. Such a tragedy.
  3. Nice haul !! If we could only see what the old timers got in spots we hunt...
  4. Prayers thoughts and smoke signals sent!! Hope this ends well . I know a lot of us venture way out and take calculated risks, but bad stuff can happen.
  5. Good and chunky, lots of character in that nugget. Way to listen and dig dig dig!!
  6. Nice pics!! I encountered a big rattler recently. What a rush when your practically standing on one and it starts rattling.
  7. I would have made a lightbox and done a complete photo shoot for hours..haha Come on Rob wheres the glamour