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  1. Sorry, I didn't reply to you guys, I had notifications turned on but the emails ended up in my junk mail. I didn't think anyone replied. I made it out twice and got some nice little pieces. Rob, I've been caught up racing again, and my dad is doing good. He's getting shoulder surgery so he's out for a few months...
  2. Got the bug to go find some more nuggets. I'm borrowing a 4500 for a week or two and will probably be hitting some of my old patches. If anyone wants to meet up let me know. I don't like going solo in the desert....
  3. Cool Rob, The relics are in pretty good shape for being over a 120 years old. Got some good looking nuggets too. DigDeep
  4. I got a new Gold Bug 2 on Saturday on recommendation from my Nor Cal friends and headed out with it locally on Sunday to give it a try. It is a different animal compared to my 4500 with alot of different quirks to figure out but within 5 minutes of turning it on I picked up a little nugget with it! ....Granted I was on an old patch but still I thought it was pretty cool. The nugget I got was only 0.9 grains and actually gave a fairly bright signal with the GB2. My previous record on *smallness* was 1.0 grains with my 4500 but that nugget was smashed flat and just barely made the lightest break in the threshold and that was basically rubbing it with a 8" RM with pretty hot settings. I am impressed with the little GB2, and makes almost a cute little noise when it finds something it likes.. DigDeep
  5. Wow Rob, WTG. Has your partner with the 4500 tried the Blitz coil? If so how did it go? DigDeep
  6. Rest in peace Bob, and thanks for all the great advice, stories and pointy finger you have given me over the years. You will be missed. DigDeep
  7. I don't know the situation at all but I am pretty sure I know the guys involved and all I have to say is they are about the most generous people I know. Not only with hospitality but with their goldfields and patches as well. And I am pretty damn sure they didn't do you wrong Road Dog. If you are the same guy I am thinking of that came down to the goldfields here in so cal where I hunt, I remember you picking up a nugget from one of the patches I found a while back. Should I be pissed at you? If you remember I said "cool and here are some other areas I found some nuggets"..... Get over it Road Dog. DigDeep
  8. Dang, what did I miss? Hope everything is cool with the crew... DigDeep
  9. " dig them all and let the scoop sort them out!" -LuckyLundy That is a cool line! Can I use that in my signature? DigDeep
  10. WTG Robin! It's been raining like crazy here in so.Cal. too. DigDeep