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  1. The only way that can happen is if the battery was not seated correctly and then forced with the cam locks. Most probably a cam lock on one side was closed then the other side attempted to be closed causing a scissor action on the molding causing it to break. The detector should still work, just the water proof battery compartment has been compromised. The seals are the same design as the CTX 3030 which has a water proof rating, GPZ does not have a water proof rating except for the coil to 1 meter. So long as you do not immerse the machine then it should be OK, a light sprinkle of rain should be fine when the battery is seated properly even with that piece of molding missing, assuming the main housing to the electronics is sound (hard to tell going by the pictures). Hope this helps JP
  2. I honestly don't know what to say.... the point of my post was to inform you could/should NOT use JUST ANY Ferrite ring but to use as quoted in the Minelab KBA The emphasis/intention on my part was on the "1–30MHz with an initial permeability of between 6 and 10" and the warning that just ANY other Ferrite may cause problems with the ground balance. If Minelab didn't want anyone sourcing from somewhere else they would not have provided the specs!! At the end of the day just ANY old Ferrite is NOT suitable for performing a Ferrite balance on a GPZ 7000, it needs to be 1–30MHz with an initial permeability of between 6 and 10 . Jen I'm not insisting anyone buy Minelab, if I was I would not have pointed readers to the KBA where the specs for the Ferrite are spelled out in plain English. Just another example why I avoid most forums these days. JP
  3. Rod, you can't just use any Ferrite ring for the GPZ. Please read this Knowledge Base Article where is states ....... Regards Jonathan Porter
  4. Hi Rob, I'm a bit like you these days, flat out all the time trying to run a business. I'm cool about copy paste, its Minelab's material so whatever their policy is. JP
  5. Hi John thanks for the kind words. Hint for the GPZ with the B&Z, use the Target Volume on 8, Audio Smoothing OFF, Volume Limit 10, Threshold 27, Threshold Tone 60, Sensitivity 9. Put the WM 12 in your right hand (if your right handed) trouser pocket with the speaker facing your body this helps prevent audio drop outs. JP
  6. Thanks everyone for the supportive comments, my main issue these days is trying to keep the wolves from the door which means only perusing things that generate an income. Spending huge amounts of time on video productions that serviced the whole industry yet make no real money became untenable. Plus after a while gravity takes hold of things a little too aggressively making my 49 year old carcass less than appealing on camera :-) JP
  7. Thanks for all the positive comments about the B&Z booster and thanks Rob for stocking them. At present we do not ship the Supersede picks to the US due to freight costs, they are a labor intensive product so as a consequence are pricy making them prohibitivly expensive for overseas sales. JP
  8. Happy Birthday DOC, 66? your a spring chicken mate. :-) JP
  9. The GPZ14 coil has a very clever mechanical design to prevent movement in the winding's, it is one of the quietest coils I have ever used for touch/rub and bump sensitivity. Unfortunately to get the design to work well comes at a cost in weight so the coil is on the heavy side, but ZVT absolutely requires this type of precision of design to work properly. JP
  10. DOC.... ZED?...... don't you mean ZVT? Edit...... Its the whole Zeeeeee and Zed thing right? :-)
  11. It was DVT that put that power at your finger tips, you were seeing saturation coming into effect which had a greater effect on the GP extreme that it did on the SD2200. Not all ground saturates.... but watch this space because this subject will be front and center in the very near future. JP
  12. The inbuilt amp in the 5000 battery was not developed by Bruce Candy....... the problem with the inbuilt one is you don't have enough control over the volume of the detector when coupled up with speakers, its either just right in low noise areas or over modulating/distorting, it also lacks a bypass function making it hard to turn it off or down when needing to quickly talk with others or listen for potential threats. JP
  13. The B&Z boosters primary function is to amplify a detectors audio for speaker use. If using headphones be aware the boosters volume needs to be above 1 1/2 to 2 to get rid of background hiss, this might then make the audio sound too loud, so in the case of the GPX 5000 you need to back off the Target Volume control to compensate for it. For the SDC I find using 4 to be the best maximum setting for speaker use, for headphones it would pay to find a set of headphones that have an inline volume control to help regulate overall volume levels. I think Steve Herschbach has been doing something similar with his SDC using the B&Z using a set of headphones that has volume controls on each ear, so maybe he can chime in here on his experiences. (BTW Steve and Chris, I've made the boosters I promised you guys about 5 times now and each and every time they've been swallowed up by urgent orders, I promise they will be in the mail before next Xmas. ) . Fred, when I get time I'll take some pictures of my B&Z set up for SDC and GPX use. JP
  14. Hey Rob, get in touch with DOC and we'll arrange for a demo B&Z booster for you to give to people to try. DOC if your reading this please email me for details. JP