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  1. 7200.00 then off to fleabay with this as starting price. thx for lookin
  2. sry couldnt post pics last night due to roof leak. there are still items in box not used but all retail items included obviously. but here you go...
  3. bought brand new from rob about 5 or 6 weeks ago. rob knows how I roll lol. I come up with a plan , order nice detector from rob, ,leave Indiana, go to az near Stanton, try to excecute said plan and always have to go home early. this time is no different. spent a week just trying to get to remote places legally. used detector for a grand total of less than 1.5hrs. have no use for it sitting here in closet for at least 6 months til next trip. came with all updates installed and robs extras. this will be the third ive sold. soft case has small tear in it and paper manual is missing back page and has coffee stain. machine is perfect and large coil was never used. haven't filled out warranty card either. pics if need be and can post serial. 7800.00. I will pay insured shipping to lower 48. bank transfer or paypal. thx for lookin. gerry
  4. Wow whine much? How bout dont read the forum til it comes out and u go buy it? U did read the title of post before u clicked on it right? Lmao
  5. Godspeed to the lil lady and best wishes to you and yours.
  6. Truly the best folks ive ever done business with, not to mention bending over backwards to help after the sale. Superb! Congrats to you both
  7. Remington 870 w/heavy barrel and high grain hornaday sabot rounds... nite sights optional Teehee
  8. Man i REALLY hope that was found within a 1.5 mile radius of the potato patch.
  9. SONOFA... these stories r killin me too. Was hopin to be back out ther in 2 weeks but lookin more like 4. Thx for the stories Rob, great motivation for us all.
  10. This may or may not help... What make and model mini do u have? If u dont mind.
  11. Hey ill be back out there shortly to camp in your driveway so i can follow u to your spots. Strictly in a motivational capacity of course lol