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  1. I havent found that many sunbakers but have found a few-The first one I ever found was right on a stretch of are bedrock I was trying to ground balance my beeper and couldnt get it to ground balance moved my coil and a nice 2 grammer was just sitting there in a crack-wish they could all be that easy-Nice gold guys 😎 Mike C...
  2. Good Video and Nice gold makes me want to get out and Brave the heat Butttt been fishing lately where its cooler😎 Mike C...
  3. That was a great deal for a kick a$$ coil-I was very tempted πŸ˜‹ Mike C...
  4. Over time the lighter stuff >fines and what ever< washed away and the heavier stuff >nuggets< moved very little or just stayed put Mike C...
  5. I have 3ο»Ώ coils in great to new condition and work as they should for sale- Coiltek 24X12 inch mono coil with cover looks like it never seen the ground first $150 gets it shipping extra Minelab 11 inch DD commander coil with cover never been used First $110 gets it shipping extra Nuggetfinder Evo 15 inch rnd mono coil with cover in great shape only used a few times First $325 gets it shipping extra If interested PM me through here-Thanks Mike C...
  6. Hi Rob good looking cover for sure and well made I got one of the first ones Doc was selling but I didnt get the arm cuff cover-maybe I should contact Doc πŸ˜• Mike C...
  7. Hope everyone is stuffing themselves πŸ¦ƒ Mike C...